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9.0 Submerged

Submerged Read Review Submerged Review

Occasionally games will take a break from the typical structures of crafting, battling, and leveling, games to present a softer, more idealistic approach to gameplay. Games like this have started to have much, much ...


7.0 Legends of Eisenwald

71gqoj Read Review Legends of Eisenwald Review

Eisenwald is a magical medieval world that is filled to the brim with those searching for power and status. Exploring that world through quests driven by motivations of status and money, players of the newly ...


6.5 Dreamfall Chapters: Book 3

dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey-megjelenes-dobozkep-f922df32abce483aa5d9-large Read Review Dreamfall Chapters: Book 3 Review

Now roughly halfway through the Dreamfall Chapters book releases, fans are undoubtedly starting to feel a mixture of excitement and, of course, sadness. While the storyline is finally nearing its climax and larger ...


5.5 Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden

5132Ri4859L Read Review Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden Review

After an evil force abruptly attacks and steals away her mother, young Kinnat heads on a magical adventure to get her back at all costs. Traveling through a book called the Chronicle, Kinnat finds herself ...


6.5 The Charnel House Trilogy

8f81889121f5d06455d005bafae8b80f44ba6e84beaf94d14989998bf415a64a_thumb_medium Read Review The Charnel House Trilogy Review

Death, loss, fear, and hatred are all emotions that surround the dark and unforgiving world portrayed in The Charnel House Trilogy. A 2D point and click adventure with a retro look, Charnel House has the charm of a ...


7.0 Dreamfall Chapters: Book 2

dreamfall_chapters__medium Read Review Dreamfall Chapters: Book 2 Review

After a short and unexpected delay, the second book of the game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey was released this March. Book One: Reborn, released back in October of last year was the first release for the ...


8.5 Book of Unwritten Tales 2

packshot-ba219a4f21c7ea0911f4194c0f5482da_120x129 Read Review Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review

I've just recently begun getting back into the point and click adventure game genre. I plowed through King's Quest 5, 6, and 7, and the Monkey Island series. I was about to jump into another franchise when I saw a ...


7.0 Overture

download Read Review Overture Review

Recently action-adventure rogue-like games have made a huge comeback. With notable successes recently such as The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, this game-type is seeing resurgence. The most recent in the line ...


9.0 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers_A_Tale_of_Two_Sons_cover_art_120x120 Read Review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Immediately upon starting Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you are thrown right into the life of nave and gentle young Naie, who has been plagued with guilt since witnessing his mothers drowning while helplessly ...


6.5 Dreamfall Chapters: Book One

big_fr_163993_dreamfall-chapters-book-one-reborn_1414050554_412956_120x129 Read Review Dreamfall Chapters: Book One Review

When players last saw the characters of the Longest Journey Franchise, they were in peril: Kian Alvane was questioning his place as an apostle of his religion and faced arrest, Zoe Castillo had managed to save the ...


8.5 The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf

wolf_cover_120x129 Read Review The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf Review

The finale for Telltale’s noir-inspired game series The Wolf Among Us is a marked improvement over its predecessor, In Sheep’s Clothing. This 90-minute episode is viciously paced, offering well-written and thought ...


6.0 The Wolf Among Us In Sheep’s Clothing

wolf-among-us-episode-4-pcjpg-e95ccf_160w_120x129 Read Review The Wolf Among Us In Sheep’s Clothing Review

The Wolf Among Us’ fourth and penultimate episode, In Sheep’s Clothing, still contains the same well written dialogue and peculiar characters, but fails to offer up anything substantial or new to the table. ...


7.5 Max The Curse of Brotherhood

2582056-box_maxtcob_108x129 Read Review Max The Curse of Brotherhood

Max The Curse of Brotherhood was a big release on Xbox One when it first came out. It was given decent ad time to the point where even people with no interest in the console were seeing videos. Now available on PC, ...


3.0 Into The Dark Ultimate Trash Edition

t11616.into-the-dark-ultimate-trash-edition-englishhi2u_120x129 Read Review Into The Dark Ultimate Trash Edition Review

What's with the current trend of releasing games and then bragging about how bad they are? As YouTube has become more popular, these "joke" titles have become the focus of thousands who want to be in on the humour. ...


6.5 Daylight

daylight-cover-image-263x299_129x129 Read Review Daylight Review

Daylight is a survival horror game that is procedurally generated, creating a new experience each time you play, however, while rooms and location of items change, the experience doesn’t feel entirely “new.” ...


9.0 The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile

The-Wolf-Among-Us-Episode-1-2013-RELOADED_120x129 Read Review The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile Review

The Wolf Among Us’ third episode, A Crooked Mile, represents a turning point for Telltale’s unique, fairy-tale based game series. Following the slowly paced second episode, Smoke and Mirrors, which acted as a filler ...


6.5 The Walking Dead Season 2 A House Divided

walking_cover_orig_120x129 Read Review The Walking Dead Season 2 A House Divided Review

When we last left Clementine, she'd either decided to save Nick, the young, slightly arrogant man who'd caused trouble all episode, or Pete, who had been bitten by a zombie. This probably best highlights the ...


8.5 South Park The Stick of Truth

south-park-the-stick-of-truth-box-art-pc_1280_120x129 Read Review South Park The Stick of Truth Review

There have been a lot of South Park games over the last two decades and they've all be leading up to The Stick of Truth. Never before has there been a game that so accurately captures the show, both in construction, ...


8.5 A Wolf Among Us Episode 2

imagescover_129x129 Read Review A Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2-Smoke and Mirrors continues Telltale’s Fable-based series in excellent fashion. This second episode lacks the excitement of the first, but it provides a much more complex outlook into ...


7.0 The Walking Dead Season 2 All That Remains

WDG_S2_Vertical_Cover_120x129 Read Review The Walking Dead Season 2 All That Remains

After the shocking conclusion to the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, Clementine is back. The timing is perfect: the TV show has hit mid-season after a shocking finale and multiple sales, including the ...


8.0 Broken Sword 5

gaming_brokensword5_120x129 Read Review Broken Sword 5 Review

Broken Sword is one of those point and click titles that just keeps on trying. Like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, there's something about the nostalgia behind those original titles that have kept people ...


7.0 Jane Austens Estate of Affairs

janecover_129x129 Read Review Jane Austens Estate of Affairs Review

There are certain things that will always be of interest to hidden object and casual adventure enthusiasts: anything with a little intrigue and classic literature. Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs, by Legacy, has ...


8.5 The Stanley Parable

stanleycover_129x129 Read Review The Stanley Parable Review

Where do I begin? Where do I end? Where do I middle? When it comes to The Stanley Parable, there's no real way to review it, just as there is no real way to play it, or finish it, or even describe it on a basic ...


7.5 Amnesia A Machine for Pigs

Boxshotamfp_120x129 Read Review Amnesia A Machine for Pigs Review

I’m sure when most people think of Amnesia they think of creatures popping out at them, chasing them and constantly trying to kill them. Well Amnesia A Machine for Pigs takes a completely different approach to ...


8.0 Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition

2223420-box_eottw_120x129 Read Review Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition

Enslaved Odyssey to the West was a criminally underrated title based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West, made popular in the UK by television show Monkey (or Monkey Magic, if you're from the US). ...


9.0 Gone Home

gone-home1_120x129 Read Review Gone Home Review

Gone Home is special. A creation designed to grasp the industry and its fans by their collar, and show them how a mature and painfully honest story should be told. While some games are set in fantastical worlds, ...


9.0 The Wolf Among Us Episode 1Faith

2338710-the-wolf-among-us_129x129 Read Review The Wolf Among Us Episode 1Faith Review

Following the success of The Walking Dead, developer Telltale Games continues its trend of churning out compelling narrative experiences with the recent release of The Wolf Among Us. Based off of the Fables comic ...


6.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief – Chapter 3

ravencover_120x129 Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief – Chapter 3 Review

The time has finally come for The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief to reach its conclusion. This Agatha Christie inspired mystery has had its ups and downs, but has been a relatively enjoyable experience thus far, ...


6.5 Lego Lord of the Rings

llotr_125x150 Read Review Lego Lord of the Rings Review

I'm sure there was a lot of scoffing when they announced the original LEGO Star Wars. Taking a toy license that was based off of a movie license and digitizing it must have seemed like the worst idea in the world, ...


7.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief

The-Raven-packshots2_120x129 Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Review

After playing through chapter one of The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, I walked away with mixed feelings. The puzzles were a mess, and the story was a downright bore until Constable Zellner hopped aboard a ship ...


9.0 Papers Please

paperscover_129x129 Read Review Papers Please Review

While many indie developers are attempting to make old genres relevant again, there are those that are trying to create new ones. One such dev is Lucas Pope, with his latest game, Papers, Please, being labeled as "A ...


5.0 The Inquisitor – The Plague

inqcover_120x129 Read Review The Inquisitor – The Plague Review

Nicolas Eymerich, the main character of The Inquisitor, is not a nice man. While the likes of Guybrush Threepwood and Eric Idle's Rincewind kept us playing with their fish-out-of-water optimism, Nicolas has already ...


6.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief

ravencover_129x129 Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Review

Releasing games in chunks similar to a TV show seems to be a growing trend among developers, thanks in part to the success of Telltale's The Walking Dead. German developer KING Art, notable for their award-winning ...


8.5 Dont Starve

dontcover_120x129 Read Review Dont Starve Review

It seems like every game they release these days calls itself a 'survival' game. How many of them actually are? To me, if you are calling a game a survival game, that implies consequence. If you are playing a game ...


6.5 Magrunner: Dark Pulse

runer1_120x129 Read Review Magrunner: Dark Pulse Review

Taking cues from Portal, 3AM Games' debut title is one of the many physics-based puzzlers that have been emerging as of late. Initially conceived on Kickstarter, Magrunner: Dark Pulse uses magnetism as its core game ...


6.0 Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within

Jack-Keane-2-The-Fire-Within-PC_120x129 Read Review Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within Review

With light beams shimmering around sails, and the deck glistening with a mixture of rain of seawater, the opening gameplay of Jack Keane 2 is a more cinematic adventure than you’d expect from point and clicks. You ...


4.0 Dracula 4

coverLarge_120x129 Read Review Dracula 4 Review

The Dracula franchise started as a PS1 game back in 1999 and a mere three sequels have been released since, with each subsquential title being made by a different developer each time. This time it's the turn of ...


8.0 Alice Madness Returns

AliceMadnessReturns_120x129 Read Review Alice Madness Returns Review

As a manly man, I like my games to be very manly. But every now and then I'll set aside my lumberjack simulators to play something on the girly side. Among the girliest of games was American McGee's Alice which came ...


7.5 Zeno Clash 2

ku-medium_120x129 Read Review Zeno Clash 2 Review

The first Zeno Clash game could be easily summed up as “A game where you get punched in the back of the head every ten seconds.” That’s both a literal description of the gameplay, and the effect of the visual ...


8.5 Papo & Yo

Papo_Soundtrack_Cover_itunes-300x300_129x129 Read Review Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo is a puzzler platformer, but only on the most superficial level. Players do push blocks around and jump over things, but Papo & Yo will also force players to wrestle with emotional issues like childhood ...


8.5 Evoland

evoland1_120x129 Read Review Evoland Review

Evoland is a love letter to a genre long past its golden age. By combining your favorite elements from The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Diablo, it manages to act not only as a nostalgic trip through some of ...


9.5 Tomb Raider

tomb-raider-2013 Read Review Tomb Raider Review

Lara Croft is a gaming icon, a woman that, in the nineties, became the very symbol of video gaming and its place in society. Although many of the people who saw her in newspapers and magazines couldn't tell you that ...


9.0 The Bridge

bridgecov_120x129 Read Review The Bridge Review

When Braid hit the Xbox, it was a wake up call to indie developers. Smart and simple games could flourish in this new generation of high-powered graphics. The Bridge is an indie 2D puzzle game where players control ...


9.0 The Walking Dead Season 1

Walkingdeadcover Read Review The Walking Dead Season 1 Review

Telltale Games have truly outdone themselves this time, providing such a phenomenal, interactive experience which would make any Walking Dead fan proud. The Walking Dead: The Game features five 2-3 hour long ...


7.5 The Cave

teh cave_cover_120x129 Read Review The Cave Review

The Cave brings together Monkey Island alumni Tim Schaefer and Ron Gilbert for a brand new adventure game unlike anything you’re likely to have played before. Pick from a cast of seven characters and explore a dark ...