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Velocity Ultra due for PC Release Next Week


Velocity Ultra is probably one of the better Vita games, and it received the attention and praise that it so deserved. It came to PlayStation 3 not too long ago, and, its next milestone, a PC release is just around the corner. Curve Studios, who are working on the port, have announced that Velocity Ultra will be coming to Steam on December 12th.

What’s more, you won’t be breaking the bank in picking it up. Curve also announced that you’ll be able to buy it for £6.99/$9.99/€8.99. 

Like on the PlayStation Vita, Velocity Ultra PC should run at a silky-smooth 60 FPS, as well as taking advantage of that beautiful lighting (especially from explosions). It’ll contain everything the Vita did, including secret areas, bonus levels and more.

If that’s not enough for the double dip, maybe the inclusion of Steam trading cards will do it for you? Velocity Ultra PC takes full advantage of Steamworks, including leaderboards, cloud saves, achievements and, yes, trading cards.

Velocity Ultra is being published by Curve Digital, the same publisher that brought Thomas Was Alone to consoles earlier this year. You’ll be able to pick it up, from Steam, from December 12th. It’s already available for purchase on PlayStation 3 and Vita.


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