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I Keep Dying in PUBG: A look At PlayerUnknown’s Battleground For the Playstation 4

Adam Roffel, our in editor-in-chief, asked me if I wanted to take PUBG for a spin. I said yes, because, hey I liked Fornite. And PUBG looked like it might be fun. So I started playing it and…well, read on below to find out what happened next.

I suck at PUBG. I won’t bury the lead. I am terrible at this game.

I wasn’t great at Fornite, but I did tend to live a long time and sometimes actually kill someone. In PUBG though, I’m very lucky if I survive awhile. I’ve never killed anyone.

The problem with PUBG, I think, is that its a more serious game than Fornite. The players are tougher. People in PUBG like Call of Duty and Socom and don’t mess around. Well, not that much anyway.

In PUBG, you’ll never see the shot coming. Well, I didn’t anyway. I’d be wandering around, try to look behind me and everywhere else and then bam. Someone would start shooting at me. Next thing I know, I was dead.

This game does seem to have more character customization than Fornite (without having to pay). You can adjust your look and clothes. And the graphics in PUBG are more realistic than Fornite. Though I have to say: I miss the building features of Fornite. PUBG is straight forward shooting game versus Fornite’s shooting and building.

That said, there are more vehicles in PUBG.

One of my favorite moments in PUBG so far was when I played Squad mode instead of single player. I was wandering around, looking for my team mates. I found one of them. He was driving along. He finally spotted me, came back, and stopped near me. I got in the vehicle. We drove around. Remember how horrible I am at driving games? The guy who was driving wasn’t any better.

Still. I was having fun. Road trip time! We found another team member and drove to a nearby base. We got out and wandered around. Eventually we broke apart but for a moment, I felt like I was part of a team. It was cool. Of course this all ended in death too. All my playthroughs on PUBG so far have ended in death…

PUBG has its pluses and minuses. It has good graphics, solid gameplay, but its players are tougher, more serious and…

Wait. Is that person punching me as I’m loading into the waiting room?? What the heck man!

I don’t think PUBG is for me. Is it for you? Have you played this game? What do you think of it?


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