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I Am The Hero

I Am The Hero is the latest side scrolling beat ’em up to come to the Nintendo Switch. In this game, you take control of a hero that wants to figure out whats going on and take down the bad guys. Is this a beat ’em up you’ll want to take part in or do will you hope that the bad guys win?

I Am the Hero is classic side scrolling beat ’em up fun through and through. It doesn’t do anything different that we haven’t seen in other games in the genre, however it is a ton of fun and wow does it look great!

The graphics in I Am the Hero are the real reason that you should play this game. Yes, the gameplay is fun, but the graphics along the gameplay make I Am the Hero stand out game in the beat ’em up genre. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds to random items in the levels look really cool. I Am The Hero has a stylish comic book look to it. You will be wowed by each and every level you play.

Control wise, I Am the Hero plays great in handheld mode and via the TV. You can use both controllers or just one. You can also split the joy-cons and play with a second player helping you take down the bad guys!

The only thing I wasn’t impressed with here is the game’s music, but thats just a personal taste thing. If you like techno music, you should be ok with the soundtrack, if not you can always turn it off. The sound effects in this game are pretty good though!

In the end, I Am the Hero is a great side scrolling beat ’em up for the Nintendo Switch. You’ll want the hero to win! Check out this game!

I Am The Hero gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a digital code of I Am The Hero. The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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