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Cozy Wings Toy Review

Cozy Wings Toy

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Toy reviews are something we’ve been doing on for the last year or so, thanks to some great partnerships with some fantastic companies. We are at it again with a newer product that might not be a household name…yet. You’ve heard of the Snuggie – and perhaps you own one – so enter a similar product but exclusively for kids: Cozy Wings; and their tag line could not be more fitting. “Wrap Around! Flap Around! Nap Around!” Let’s take a look!

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Cozy Wings are exactly what you would expect. They are soft blanket wings that kids can slip their arms into and use for a variety of different activities, whether playing as superheroes, laying down to watch movies, or for curling up in a chair. However your kids choose to use Cozy Wings is completely up to them. Their imagination is what will set the limits of the product. Here is what the box says about the product,
“The wrap around magic wings that do amazing things! Feel the comfy warm softness as Cozy Wings wrap around you while you play, lounge or snuggle up and snooze! When you have other things to do, Cozy Wings lets you put your hands through! Cozy Wings are made of soft comfy fabric that is durable and machine washable!”
cozy wings 2
We looked at the Captain America Cozy Wings, and my two boys used them for absolutely everything, from utilizing the blanket qualities to keep warm, to running around the back yard as super heroes. Regardless of what they were doing, the fantastic build quality was able to hold up to even the roughest of play, which is great when the product can be used in a variety of ways, including being stretched and pulled to encapsulate a body.
The fabric used is incredibly soft, and any child wrapped up in this product will enjoy that comfortable feel. Arms are pushed through slots on each side of the wing so that they keep their form, and small loops are on each end where children can stick a finger through to help when playing and ‘flying’ around the room. There is little the company didn’t think of when designing this product, although I would have liked a draw string on the back middle of the wings to pull them together a bit tighter for younger children.
cozy wings 3
While the wings were a bit big for my 4 (almost 5) year old son, my nine year old fit into the wings perfectly. Overall, both kids really enjoyed the product, and are asking for a second pair. Those looking for Cozy Wings can find them on Amazon for roughly $24.99. They come in a variety of popular licences, as well as some unlicensed designs. Check them out, and let us know if you think you’ll pick up a pair of Cozy Wings this holiday season!

Cozy Wings are available on Target ( and Amazon!


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