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New Star Soccer Update Released


New Star Soccer – the mobile sports game that beat out the likes of FIFA and Football Manager at the BAFTAs this year – has recieved a new major update that changes and enhances its award winning gameplay, as well as adding new features to keep you addicted all over again.

Perhaps the biggest change in the long term come in the way that your player ages. At the top of your game and fancy calling it quits? Retire and leave an unblemished legacy. The older you get though, the harder you’ll need to work on your stats, else you’ll fall behind. This sort of open RPG element is definitely welcome in a game where you must control and grow a single character, and that you can play as a female footballer now as well is bound to be a popular move.

More immediately, you can now perform headers, drink new energy drinks, wear new boots and more. For a new, more difficult edge, defenders will attack while you line up a shot, and you can also choose from different play styles.

The full list of updates is ridiculously long (see below), and will add new life to a game already far too time consuming. 

New game content / changes:

New game content / changes:

  • Headers! 
  • New boots! New Swerve feature added to premium boots.
  • New Energy Drink! (NRG Bolt – increases energy plus 3 relationships and 3 skills.)
  • Choose differently focussed play during matches – attacking, defensive or balanced.
  • Defenders now close you down whilst you aim your shot.
  • Replenish your energy during a game.
  • New lifestyle items to purchase.
  • Three save game slots.
  • Skills deteriorate over time, and the older you get, the more you have to keep on top of your skills. 
  • Retirement option. Choose the optimal time to retire before your skills deteriorate and you start to ruin the memory of your past achievements. Includes career score and various achievements.
  • Additional commentary to add variety.
  • Hire a personal trainer, recover quicker, have more energy.
  • Get yourself an agent and improve your contracts! 
  • New newspaper headlines, incidents etc.
  • All new game achievements.
  • All new audio.
  • New footballs each with their own attributes.
  • Lots of UI tweaks and improvements, short-cuts and time-savers.
  • New pre-match location screen.
  • New player awards (player of the year, young player of the year etc.)
  • Updated league structure information for new 2013-2014 football season.
  • Male / Female select!
  • New unlockable ‘hard mode’ for the seasoned veterans!
  • Night time matches.
  • Twitter and Facebook integration.

Hardware support:

  • iPhone 5 aspect ratio support.
  • Retina resolution artwork.
  • Publishing:
  • Full localisation for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian *NEW, Chinese *NEW, Japanese *NEW, Korean *NEW

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