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More Thoughts From Me #140: Letters From Torna

Nintendo and Adam Roffel sent me on a trip to Torna, the Golden Country, recently. Here are some of the short letters that I wrote to my twitter friends while I was there.

Hey Adam Roffel,

Thanks for setting up this trip to Torna. I haven’t had a vacation in forever. Please tell Nintendo I said thanks too. So far, things are pretty interesting here.

I met a young woman named Lora and her blade Jin. They saved me from a giant creature that attacked me as soon as I got off the airship. Not a scratch on me. Lora and her blade suggested that I travel with them for awhile. We are camping now. I’ll write again soon.


Hello Shaun Edwards,

You were wondering about the food here. Its not bad as long as you eat Jin’s cooking. Yes, he’s a blade that cooks! Actually really well. Don’t eat any of Mythra’s food though. Ever.


Hey Shawn Long–No Dr. Pepper here. I got a funny look from everyone when I asked.



I think Mythra, this blade that I met, wants to kill me.


Hi Tony Brasel,

They have a really unique way of fighting here. The drivers and the blades actually take turns fighting. I hear its not common all over. Its actually something Lora and Jin taught the rest of her group. I am having fun traveling with Lora and her band of adventurers. I’ve almost gotten killed, at least twice, but hey, its fun.


Hello Leo Wlyd,

I was surprised¬†to learn that there are no raccoons here but they do know about Rocket Raccoon. Don’t ask me how but they’ve seen both Guardians movies and Avengers Infinity War. Lora loves the movies. Addam is a fan. Mythra just frowns. I can’t figure her out. Anyway, I finally have something to talk to the group about.


I just learned that there are no marshmellows in Torna. How can you go camping without marshmellows?!

(unsent letter, no addresse)


Dear Nintendo,

Why?! Why are there no bathrooms in Torna?!


To Whom It May Cornern,

A giant beetle almost ate me this morning.


Hey Paul Hunter,

Yes I forgot my sunblock. Yes that was a mistake.


Hello Jon Scarr,

I tried to get a selfie with Mythria today. She almost killed me.


How are you Jonathan Faust? I did bring my Switch on this trip. It turns out that Haze can recharge anything electronic. So I didn’t need my Switch dock or charger. Good thing cause there would have been no place to plug either in.


Hey Adam,

How am I supposed to get home…???


Dear Dad, I’m stuck in Torna. Can you pick me up?


End of letters. I did manage to get home thanks to Prince Hugo. He had his airship bring me to back to America. You should have seen the looks we got when we arrived. Nintendo will have to flashy thing everybody. They do that right? Wait. That was the Men in Black. Not sure what Nintendo is going to do…

Next week: Thanks to IndieGamerChick on twitter and #IndieSelect, I got a cool game for the Switch called The VideoKid. I’ll tell you all about it next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. The letters are all fake. Names were not changed to protect the innocent.


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