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Ken Levine has “No Solid Idea” on Bioshock Future


Although Bioshock Infinite will be built upon with DLC, the longterm future of the franchise is a little less certain Ken Levine has revealed. While Infinite received incredibly positive reviews, it took a long time to make and cost an awful lot of money and it may not have been enough to definitely secure new games, and almost certainly not in the foreseeable future.

In an AMA at Reddit, Levine was asked whether there would be any new Bioshock games:

We really have no solid idea what’s coming next. Almost the entire team is on Burial at Sea. I wish that was some PR crap, because life would be easier if I knew what was next, but it ain’t.

So while fans can expect Burial At Sea to be as excellent as Irrational can make it, the franchise after that might not be as easy to pin down. Does that mean that the Bioshock franchise is potentially over, at least in terms of brand new games? Not necessarily, although it’s obvious that we probably shouldn’t expect Bioshock Infinite 2 in the next few years, but it isn’t a hugely positive message, especially for fans who couldn’t wait to see what was coming next.

On the other hand, a good franchise will never stay dead, as we’ve seen time and time again. Bioshock will return, in some way, but in what form?

Somebody also asked about the Vita version of Bioshock that was “announced” a few years ago, and the question was ignored. In case anybody was still holding out for Rapture on the go, it seems that project was most likely left behind quite some time ago, if it was ever started.


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