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iFruit App gets Hundreds of Negative Reviews on Android


The iFruit app for Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived on Android, but it’s hardly been the celebratory announcement it should have been. Over 400 people have given it three stars or less, with over 300 of those reviews giving it only a single star.

Some were more angry with Grand Theft Auto V itself than they were with the app. Should it have been delayed to 2014, and released alongside a PC/Next-Gen version? Some of those voting negatively think so, and it’s affecting the average. Having problems with Grand Theft Auto Online? So are some of the people commenting on Google Play.

Other have a beef with the app itself. They’re angry – perhaps justifiably – that an app that should have been released alongside Grand Theft Auto V has taken this long to get to market. There are quite a few people theorizing that maybe Apple paid for exclusivity, and considering how often the app is plugged in the game, they have a right to think that might not be right. Others are just disappointed that there’s no real reason to download the app now. Most the people who would have been excited for it a month ago have now done everything it enabled them to do anyway.

To read through the reviews, click here. The iFruit app became available today.


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