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Humble Bundle with Android 7 Launches

Humble Bundle with Android

For all those amongst you feeling charitable, there’s a new Humble Bundle available. The Humble Bundle with Android 7 doesn’t quite match the quality of some of the more recent bundles, but it sure as hell beats the comedy collection they did. If you fancy some decent games at a relatively small price, look no further.

This Humble Bundle with Android features Worms Reloaded and the Bard’s Tale, both available if you beat the average. On top of those, anybody who picks up the bundle will receive Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne. Pay $1, and you’ll get Steam keys as well. It’s an Android bundle so it’s mostly designed around smaller, quicker titles, but they’ll also be playable on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Even better, some of these games have never been available on Android and Linux before – so pick them up before the bundle ends in a little under a fortnight if you’re interested in getting them while the price is down.

The bundle also includes a set of soundtracks and more games will be added in the second week. You must beat the average if you want to automatically get the extra games – this is currently sat at $6.90.

The Humble Bundle with Android 7 collection went on sale today and will last for another 13 days and 23 hours. You can see a trailer for the bundle below.


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