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GTA Online Causing Problems in Single Player


Not at all interested in playing Grand Theft Auto Online but instead want to take a drive around the more traditional, single player San Andreas? While most of the offline functions of GTA V will work as they should, anything at all influenced by Rockstar’s servers is either down or not working at full capacity, and, as anybody who enjoys everything the game has to offer will tell you, there are more online functions than you might expect.

Obviously things like the stock market are currently out of commission, and these are unavailable as of writing. You can’t access them, you’re given an in-game error page, “we’re rebuilding the BAWSAQ” or something similar, and then you can exit out of the browser or go about other processes without any problem.

It was obvious that anything with an online function was going to be somehow affected – and it has been – but it seems other areas of the game are suffering as well. Some are complaining about a sluggish feel as the game repeatedly tries to connect to the social club (although it’s not certain that that’s what it’s actually trying to do) and one person is even having problems with the game’s sound.

While people are struggling with GTA Online and cloud processes are being messy, it might be worth playing offline so that nothing unexpected happens. Avoid anything that might need to sync with the servers and save regularly (over a couple of different slots) and there should be little cause for concern.

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