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First Sonic Lost World Review Score Released


The latest edition of Famitsu has been released and it contains the first review score for Sonic Lost World. Although the review has yet to be translated, we can see from the score that it’s been reviewed very positively, getting 9/9/9/9.  By comparison, Sonic Generations got 8/9/9/9 and Unleashed got 9/9/9/7.

Sonic Lost World is another new take on the franchise, going in a direction more akin to Sonic Colors than to Generation. Lost World has you moving quickly through a variety of worlds, using different powers (many that Sonic has never had before). It also introduces a variety of new enemies, although Robotnik is never too far away…

Famitsu’s scores tend to be ridiculously high for the Sonic franchise. They gave Sonic 06 – a game that is hardly playable on some levels – 8/8/7/7, so it’s probably fair to knock the score down a little bit just to deal with the bias. Still, just comparitively speaking, it looks like Lost World will be tighter than Generations, which was in itself a much tighter game. If it continues the upward trend, I don’t think any of us have anything to complain about.

Sonic Lost World is released exclusively to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U this week in EU territories, and at the end of the month in the US.


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