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Dreamcast Version of ToeJam and Earl 3 Found

Toe Jam and Earl Pic

A prototype version of ToeJam and Earl 3 for the Sega Dreamcast has been discovered. A user by the name of ZakhooiTM on Assembler, a forum that focuses on video game oddities, posted these findings and included some video footage of this unreleased game. ZakhooiTM plans on releasing it to the public  through a fundraising drive. In the meantime, check out 30 minutes of gameplay footage below. It’s definitely an early build, and how much of the game is available to play isn’t known, but hopefully we can all find out soon. 

The sequel to the Genesis cult classics eventually saw a release as ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth in 2002 on the Xbox, but originally it was slated to be a multiplatform release for the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast. Games getting canceled is nothing new, but more and more of these long forgotten games are being found every year, many of which are released to the public. From what I can gather, ZahooiTM hasn’t mentioned how they got their hands on the game, but based on my own experience and research, most prototypes are either found in console dev kits, or by a veteran developer that remembers he has one in his garage, leftover from his days in the industry. My guess with ZahooiTM is that a Dreamcast dev kit is the source of the discovery, but that’s just a hunch. This is an amazing find,  and with any luck, gamers can experience it soon. 


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