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Ultra Space Battle Brawl

Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out in December. Until then, players will have to find other means of multiplayer fun on the Switch. There are plenty of options though and another one was added to the eshop recently: Ultra Space Battle Brawl. How good is this game? Will you want to play this with your friends?

I was skeptical about Ultra Space Battle Brawl at first. The game is described as “Street Fighter and Pong on steroids” by the PR company that provided this game for review. I like pong, but I’m not too big on Street Fighter. As it turns out, the game is more pong than Street Fighter.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is has two game modes: Story and Versus. In story, you can pick whatever fighter you want to play and find out what their story is. Each character has a unique and interesting story. The real fun of this game is the multiplayer though.

If you are looking for a new multiplayer game and you only have two joy-cons, then you are luck. Ultra Space Battle Brawl supports split joy-cons and other controllers too. The multiplayer is just as fast and furious as the single player mode. Both modes are fun, but players will definitely want to focus on multiplayer with this game.

Graphics wise, the characters in this game do look like they are Street Fighter inspired. The backgrounds for each match area are simple and neat. Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a 2D game and doesn’t push the Switch at all.

Overall, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is no Smash Bros, but it is a fun game if you like pong and you have friends to play the game with.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl gets a 7.0 out of 10. This is a good multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch!

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a digital code for this review. Ultra Space Battle Brawl is now available for the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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