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Think you know Doom? Then Play it on a Piano

Doom has been around for a long time now, and it’s been ported to nearly everything… Lately it’s taken a step closer to absolutely everything, by being fully playable on a piano. Why? How? Nobody knows – and it almost definitely plays as badly as it sounds.

No, this isn’t the ideal way of playing Doom. If you’ve ever complained about controllers not quite living up to mouse and keyboard, prepare yourself before watching the above video. With a little time a practise you may be able to perfect it, to get half good at moving and shooting, but I’m not quite sure I’d understand why anybody would want to. To go that one step farther than other Doom players? To go far beyond what the developers originally imagined (unless they were stupidly drugged up).

I suppose that the upside here is that there’s a potential for other kinds of games. It’s obviously just a PC, the keys (or rather something under the keys) have been wired as inputs and they’ve been bound to the right buttons. A clever developer who wanted to create something for the nichest of the niche – people with screens inside their pianos – would probably be able to make something pretty awesome.

Although it probably wouldn’t be quite as cool as Doom.


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