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Indie Stores Struggling to get Grand Theft Auto V for Sale

Grand Theft Auto V - Indie Stores

Think that selling a game is as easy as buying some copies and waiting for delivery? Think again! An indie games store owner has struggled to get even a single copy of Grand Theft Auto V for his shop, and the things Rockstar need him to do to change that are more than a little ridiculous…

Posted to Neogaf by SHADES, this story shows part of the problem with operating a smaller game store. There comes a point where the power shifts from the store to the publisher, and in the case of Rockstar – whose games are definitely going to be amongst the biggest sellers of the year – all of the power might lie with the publisher.

Thought I’d share,

Just spoke to a friend who owns an indie store here in the UK. 

He told me that the GTA V release is locked up tighter than a nuns knickers! He deals with 4 companies in the UK in obtaining software supplies, of those four three aren’t getting any stock meaning he’s left to deal with one. The rep stated that for him to be able to get stock he had to put preorder advertising on the shop door, counter, preorder case in the window & a preorder card on display, he said “it’s as if these reps want the red carpet out & they haven’t released a game in 3 years”, this is out of the norm for him.

Now my friend usually has no issues obtaining software & regularly breaks street date as & when ( he’s a small business owner & it helps keep steady custom ). Halo 4 was 3 weeks early, MW3 8 days early, BO2 a week early, you get the gist. Infact I can’t remember a title where he said it wouldn’t be early until now, he’s getting nothing until release date & he’s not known a release like this!

I hope he’s wrong but highly doubt it, bummer if like me you were expecting to get GTA V early

So unless you’re willing to turn your store into a den of Grand Theft Auto advertisement, you’re not actually going to be able to have any games. This seems more than a little odd, something that only Grand Theft Auto would be able to do.


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