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Steam Machines Announced

Steam Machines

Steam have announced that they’ll be releasing a set of hardware solutions in 2014. Although no specifics have been revealed today, they’ve promised a variety of PCs, each covering a different area of cost and power needed. Naturally, all of the Steam Machines will run SteamOS.

And you won’t even be stuck into buying one of the multiple machines offered by Valve themselves. No, a variety of manufacturers will be offering their own Steam Machines when the time comes, making 2014 an excellent time to get into PC gaming. If you just want to use it for games, you’ll make a saving on not having to buy a Windows operating system as well.

Alongside the announcement of the Steam Machines, Valve also announced that they’d be choosing 300 lucky people to help test the early machines. 270 of these will be randomly picked from a group that fulfils certain requirements. 30 will be people who have been active within the community and within betas before.

The requirements for a chance at being randomly selected include joining the Steam Universe community page, having 10 Steam friends, having a public Steam profile and playing a game with a controller in Big Picture mode. You’ll also have to agree to their terms and conditions.

More information will come later this year.


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