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Final Fantasy X/X-2 Delayed?

Final Fantasy

Reports are coming in that the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Collection will be delayed into 2014 for at least the US territory. Square Enix representatives have told multiple visitors to their booth at PAX that the long awaited JRPG set will be available next year. As of writing, there’s no official confirmation, the EU press site still has it labelled as 2013 and so, of course, there’s no explanation as to where this delay has suddenly come from.

PAX attendees from across the web are all saying the same thing. Users from Neogaf were amongst the first to share the bad news.

From user Diagol:

The Square Enix rep also said that the game is most likely coming out in 2014 in NA and they still don’t have a release date.

And MaverickHunterAsh

I just talked to a Square Enix rep here at PAX Prime about FF X/X-2 HD’s release date and he flat out said it’s not coming until 2014, “unless I’m REALLY lucky.” That certainly isn’t official confirmation of a delay, but it’s looking more and more likely. I’d say the writing’s on the wall at this point. 🙁

He said February 2014 is looking most likely at this point.

Diagol also said cutscenes are looking really rough at this point. It’s pretty common for pre-rendered stuff to go untouched for an HD collection, but it’s unfortunate when Square are so well known for their graphical work, and when Final Fantasy X was amongst some of the best PS2 games visually.

Zysoring, from GamesFAQs, was also told of a delay, although not without coming away with confirmation of a physical Vita release:

I’m at PAX Prime and spoke with a SE rep in the booths while I played ffX hd on ps3. The game will not be out this year. It is now scheduled for 2014 release. Vita will get physical and digital release along with ps3.

We’re contacted Square Enix for clarification.


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