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Diablo 3 PlayStation 3 Install Size Revealed

Diablo 3 - Install

Diablo 3 is now out, and although not everybody will be able to play it until later in the week, we can now reveal the install sizes for both the physical and digital versions of the game.

The downloadable version weighs in at around 8GBs. By no means a massive download, although you may want to get it started ahead of going out to work if you want to play it as soon as you get in. A decent connection will download that in around an hour (or far less if you have a really decent connection), but those with slower internet may find themselves waiting for quite a while.

Considering that the full download is only 8GBs, it might be surprising to learn that the installation from physical media will fill over 5GBs of space. Presumably anything needed instantly – textures, characters, enemies – cannot be streamed from the blu-ray disk, probably thanks to the randomization of the maps. The extra 3GBs left on disk is probably dedicated to speech, video and music.

For those of us used to digital downloads, Diablo 3 is pretty much run-of-the-mill, and in fact might be considered a little on the light side, considering how much content is on offer. That 5GB install is a little on the big size though, and purchasing Diablo 3 along with your new 12GB PS3 is definitely not to be advised.


We’re now been able to confirm there isn’t an installation for the physical version of the game. We’re looking into where that figure came from and if there are any other options available.


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