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Diablo 3 has Frame Rate Issues on PS3

diablo 3 - PS3 Frame Rate

Diablo 3 runs at 60FPS on PlayStation 3, a pretty impressive feat that puts it into a very small subset of titles released for consoles this generation. Don’t get too excited though. It apparently drops quite often and, when it does, it drops hard.

While some say it’s not too bad – dropping to around the 30FPS mark during heavier scenes – others claim a massive 40FPS reduction at other times. That’d take it to below 20FPS, an amount that would be more than noticeable to even the most untrained eye. You can read people’s initial reactions over at Neogaf.

Frame rate issues aren’t uncommon, and even the original release of Diablo 3 on PC had some pretty major graphical issues. Stuttering wasn’t uncommon, although it seems that was more likely caused by the constant need for an online connection. With that always-on requirement gone for consoles, some of the issues remain, perhaps thanks to stretching current-gen hardware a little too far, or perhaps it’s just a level of under-optimization that will be fixed with patching.

As of writing, it doesn’t seem anybody has any complaints about the 360 version of the game. That might mean that it’s better optimized (and that wouldn’t be surprising), or it might just be that it’s too early for anybody to have complained just yet.


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