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Value of Minifigures Increasing with Harry Potter Release

The Harry Potter minifigure collection has officially launched, and when I opened up six packs sent to us by The LEGO Group, I was instantly impressed with the how far the quality of these figures has come. Almost every character in the collection comes with two accessories, instantly increasing the overall value of each bagged figure. Let’s take a look deeper!

Harry Potter

The biggest bonus I found with these releases is that any character that holds a wand, is given an extra wand in the package in case the first gets lost. These wants are pretty small, but generally LEGO has not put extra pieces in Minifigure packs in the past, so to see them now is a surprise, but a pleasant one. It also allows me to outfit some of my older Harry Potter figures with their own wands from these collections, as well as giving my children some creative freedom to turn regular LEGO minifigures into witches and wizards!

On top of the wands, however, the characters also generally come with some other accessory. For Harry Potter, it might be the invisibility cloak, and for Chow Chang, it was her pet owl. Having these extra accessories is a huge bonus, and make these minifgures much more playable than those in past releases. With just six figures, my kids found hours of entertainment, which is pretty good since they come in under $5 each!

There is incredible value here for Harry Potter fans, and even those who aren’t crazy about the franchise can get a number of great accessories for use in other unique builds one might engage in. I love that LEGO keeps releasing these minifigure sets, and the licenced sets are my favourite. Whether it be the Simpsons, LEGO Ninjago, or even Harry Potter, if LEGO continues to pump out great figures like these, fans like myself will keep buying them!



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