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Internet Sleuth Cyberstalks Anita Sarkeesian, Comes up with Scandal

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If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, it’s petrifying what people may be able to find out about you. This has been proven today by an internet sleuth who decided to turn his eye to Tropes Vs Women creator Anita Sarkeesian. Along with a variety of pictures and posts, he’s also linked her to telemarketing programs and to what he calls “junk science [and] social manipulation.” 

It’s obvious, reading through “Anongamer’s” post, that he’s not a huge fan of Sarkeesian and that he’s trying to discredit her, but that doesn’t stop some of the things he’s uncovered being at least vaguely interesting. He seems to spend a lot of time focussed on the fact that she didn’t seem to mind “provocative” sexualised women just a few years ago (because her Flickr account has a variety of pictures of things she’s now pointing out as sexist), but that’s not really what’s important.

More important is her own attempts at making quick money through telemarketing and her link to Jonathan Mcintosh (her boyfriend), who Anongamer implies may be the one really pulling the strings on the Tropes Vs Women videos for his own personal gain.

By going through the various social media accounts of both Anita and Jonathan, Anongamer’s biggest surprise was how much they seem to travel. He asserts that both must have a decent amount of money behind them, which he feels is odd considering how the Kickstarter for Tropes Vs Women famously worked out.

There may well be the seeds of a scandal here, although it rather depends on how much you want to “get” Sarkeesian. It will definitely be worth seeing what else comes up, and maybe it’ll help to either calm or conclude some of the controversy involving her from over the last few months.

To read through the entirety of AnonGamer’s post, click here.


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