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Tanzia for Nintendo Switch

A Skeleton King attacks a tribe and they are able to beat him and his minions back. However, the king wants revenge and tries to kill the elder’s favorite grandson. And the boy dies…or maybe not! The elder makes the Skeleton King believe that the boy is dead. So the boy must leave his tribe and go somewhere else. The elder leaves the tribe too. So begins Tanzia for the Nintendo Switch eshop. This game has a really interesting setup, but is it a good game? Let’s find out!

Tanzia feels like a missed opportunity. When you see screenshots of this game on the eshop, it looks really good. However, when you play the actual game, you will find an experience that is not terrible, though its not very good either.

First of all, Tanzia’s story setup may be its best aspect. I thought the opening cutscenes and voiced dialogue set the game up well. After you get into the actual gameplay though, things start to go downhill.

The graphics in this game are muddy and unattractive. Tanzia looks like a late Playstation 1 or early Playstation 2 game. At the time those systems were out, that was a good thing. Now, those graphics are really dated.

And Tanzia doesn’t offer much in the way of fun gameplay. The battle system is pretty straight forward action/adventure fair. Its not horrible, but it is very bland. There is touch screen intergration and it seems to work ok, though it has no real point. The controls on this game are fine. Theres nothing bad about them, just nothing unique either.

Overall, Tanzia presents a large open world to explore and a quests to complete. We’ve seen a lot of these quests in other games and they were done better elsewhere. The world of Tanzia isn’t engaging or interesting. Its a big playground that feels hollow and boring. Tanzia wants to be the Legend of Zelda or a game like it but it doesn’t get even close to the good games in this genre.

Tanzia gets an 6.0 out of 10. Its not a horrible game, but it feels like a game that could’ve been so much better.

A digital code was provided for this review. Tanzia is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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