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Steam Sale Confirmed by Valve Support to start on July 11th?

There’s an awful lot of evidence pointing to tomorrow being the beginning of the famous Summer Steam sale. Some of it has been going around for weeks, with database updates and current sales ending abruptly pointing to the fact that something is going on, and it’s happening tomorrow.

Now an email is making the rounds which is supposedly from Steam support. There’s no evidence that it’s fake, and nobody would dare lie on the internet.

Steam Sale


The email might be the real deal and somebody on Valve’s support staff has broken the Steam sale secret a little early, or it might just be a culmination of weeks worth of rumour and speculation. Either way, there’s a good chance that the person who released this email will be proven right.

The sale has almost been presumed to be starting on a week by week basis for the last month. Valve love to keep people on their toes, I suppose, and the Steam sale is a great opportunity for them to build up a little hype. Everybody knows it’s coming, everybody looks forward to it, nobody knows for sure when it’ll begin until it actually begins.

The last few times there has been a big Steam sale, many people have found the savings underwhelming. Will Valve be able to outdo themselves and restrore their reputation as the cheapest place to get PC games? If this email turns out to be true, we’ll find out, starting tomorrow.


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