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Firefly Online Announced

Firefly Online

Whedon fans have long dreamed of the day when the beloved sci-fi series Firefly would return – but I don’t think any of them expected it to happen like this. At Comic-Con this week, SparkPlug Games announced Firefly Online, a social MMORPG set to launch on iOS and Android in early 2014.

Now, MMO’s on iOS are not a new idea: games like Order & Chaos Online have somewhat successfully transported themselves to mobile screens, albeit with some caveats and common features removed. Firefly is a different kind of animal, though: an established media property (one that’s laid dormant since Serenity‘s release in 2005) attempting to create a vast universe to be shared amongst millions of mobile gamers?

It’s an interesting gamble, to say the least – and aside from the pretty vague teaser trailer above, we don’t know anything about how Firefly Online will look, sound, or play. They’ve opened up a site to register for account, but remember to be patient – Firefly Online isn’t scheduled to arrive until least summer next year.

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