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Fez cost over half a million to make


Those of you that saw the movie Indie Game: The Movie which follows the development stages of Fez and Super Meat Boy would be forgiven for thinking very little money actually went into making Fez. A PC, desk, chair, some pizza and some software shouldn’t run up too high of a bill right? Of course there are more to take into consideration naturally but if a Tweet by the outspoken developer Phil Fish is to believed, the end cost for bringing Fez to life is over half a million. $500000 to make an indie game? That’s steep to say the least. How much of it turned into a profit for Phil we will likely never know (unless he’s feeling boastful on Twitter at some stage).

Fez has sold over 200000 copies on XBLA alone and with ports of the game releasing on Steam and (perhaps) on PS3 too at some point so expect sales to be doubled before interest for the game fades away completely.



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