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Need For Speed Rivals Announced

nfs rivals 3

The next Need for Speed game, Rivals, will give long-time fans everything they’ve come to expect from the franchise when it launches across multiple platforms, as well as a few new tricks to keep them coming back for more, both at the console or on tablet. In Need for Speed Rivals, the basic gameplay remains: cops and racers face off against one another, the cops trying to knock our the racers hurtle at ridiculous speeds towards the finish line. If you enjoyed Most Wanted, you’ll enjoy Rivals.

Played on PlayStation 4, tonight’s demonstration was mainly a show of a revolutionary new genre-changer called All Drive. If it works nearly as well as EA think it will, it’s really going to be something that other racers need to take on pretty quickly. Any given race can start in single player and quickly go multiplayer, allowing for two players to take on one another almost out of nowhere. The transition between single player and online was silky smooth during the show, but I imagine it’ll be a little bumpier over home connections.

Also shown off was the new tablet compatibility, which not only gives detailed information about the race itself, but which also allows the tablet-holder to actively influence the race by sending helicopters and the like to intercept unruly racers.

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