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New Characters Announced for Smash Bros: Miis and Lady Palutena


Although it does not come as much of a surprise, Nintendo announced today that Miis are coming to Super Smash Bros. However, what was surprising is the level of customization available, and that Miis will be competitive when going head to head with some of Nintendo’s finest!

When I reviewed Tomodachi Life, I wondered if Nintendo would give similar customization options in more of their titles. Well, I waited less than 24 hours, because Nintendo has added some deep Mii customization into Super Smash Bros. After creating your own Mii, or one that looks like anyone you want, you will have the option to choose from one of three classes: Brawlers, Swords, and Gunners. Brawlers are incredibly fast and primarily use their hands as weapons, while the Swordfighting and Gunner classes utilize a variety of weapons.

On top of the classes, Super Smash Bros Mii characters will have four skills, selected by the creator. These skills come from a pool of 12 available skills. This equals 36 skills in total that your Miis can learn!

Nintendo announced a few other things during their Smash Bros segment. Mini games are being added to the 3DS version to give a distinctly different feel. These range from seeing how far you can kick other characters, collecting coins by destroying the environment, and participating in an endless runner. The Master Hand from Smash Bros on the N64 was also seen in videos, making me wonder if it is just an enemy or an actual playable character. 

In the final moments of the show, Nintendo revealed that Lady Palutena would also be a playable character. In a beautiful anime-inspired segment, she joined the fray, tacking The Legend of Zelda’s Link when Pit found himself unable to carry on.

Super Smash Bros on the 3DS will release on October 3, 2014.


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