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FIFA 15 – Get emotional


Fifa 15, the newest installment to the ‘everlasting’ franchise, seems to differentiate itself from the long stream of Fifa’s released over the past few decades. The game adds new features, such as the footballer’s ‘emotional intelligence’ and a more living stadium.

The people on the field will now be able to memorize events happened earlier, even from other matches. If you lose your last game before the finals, your team will probably feel less than excited. If you happen to keep losing from the same team every season, your team might get more motivated (or less, who knows?).


The field itself will also be able to memorize, not emotionally, but physically. If a player cuts a piece off grass right up in the air, the field will lose the grass and won’t regenerate it over time. The players will be affected by this.

The crowd will be acting more alive too. Fifa 15 brings the stadium to live with different kinds of crowd in the different stadiums through the world. Not only does the crowd sing different songs, but they will sound different, according to the teams and the stadium.

Fifa 15 will be released June 9th.


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