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Wolfenstein: The New Order Announcement Trailer

Bethesda yesterday announced a new entry in the Wolfenstein series, and it looked pretty good. The screenshots released managed to capture both the stark visual style of life under the Nazis, but also a certain mood. Available across multiple platforms at the end of the year, including next-gen machines, this is definitely going to be one to watch. That’s only hit home by this announcement trailer.

Use of Hendrix’s cover of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower works surprisingly well as symbol of resistance against a Nazi occupier. The images of New York in flames were also especially striking, although here’s hoping North Korea don’t end using them in a propaganda piece. There’s also a focus on, what I suppose represents the “war machine.” It’s an interesting trailer, and I’m hoping some of this visual style makes it into the full game.

More information about the game will be released over the coming days and weeks, in a series of exclusive stories at Gamespot, starting today. 


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