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Rock Band, Dance Central to Return in the Future


While Guitar Hero went out tired and overstretched, Rock Band leapt like Townshend into wherever awesome music games go. The final piece of DLC, American Pie by Don McLean, successfully summed up the feelings of thousands of fans desperate for the party to continue. It turns out that it might just happen, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fans of Dance Central ought to look out as well, as the Kinect-enabled title is also on the cards for a revival.

From Gamespot:

Today during a PAX East keynote address, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos teased that the Boston area studio has “grand plans” to bring the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises to the new generation of consoles, presumably the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and potentially Wii U.

He prefaced his talk this morning by saying he would not announce a Rock Band 4 or Dance Central 4 and he did not say if these games were in fact in development in any way. However, he stressed that both franchises are “near and dear” to Harmonix. He went on to say that the studio plans to bring these franchises to the “coming console cycle” “at some point” and with “guns blazing.”

So, in other words, when the time is right. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later – I’m sure we all need our plastic instrument fix.


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