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Discover Notifications Annoy on PS4


The Discover notifications may have seemed a good idea to introduce people to the new features of the PS4’s firmware 2.50 – but they just won’t go away.


Users on the PS4 Support website are complaining about the constant notifications reminding users of new features on the system.

User Flartebartfarst_ said:

There is no option to disable the “Discover” notifications which came with the latest update. Also, you cannot click “options” and mark all read, you have to click through these to stop the annoying sound and message. Could this be included in the next update please?

He’s not alone. Now dozens of people have come out of the woodwork to request the same thing – a permanent stop to notifications that hound them each time they switch on their console.

Gabba135 said:

I’ve got the same problem, EVERYTIME I turn the PS4 on I get a discover notification about rest mode options, and I can’t get rid of it.

Also the suspend / resume feature, with some games I everytime I take it out of rest mode the PS4 says I need to sign in, even though I am, FIX IT SONY.

It’s a minor problem that disappears in a few seconds, but depending how often you switch your console on and off, it can quickly become a nuisance.

While Sony have yet to respond to calls for a fix, it’s not insane¬†to expect some kind of permanent fix in the coming days and weeks.



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