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Digital Chocolate Launch Blackjack! Buzz

Digital Chocolate, the company behind Kings and Warlords(the producer of which we interviewed at the beginning of this month), launched a new game this week. Blackjack! Buzz, with its slightly quicker edge, is a more social game than the Blackjack you know and love. Taking a cue from the likes of Draw Something, Blackjack! Buzz pairs you against strangers who you must out-score. The higher the cards in your hand are worth, the higher your score when you decide to stand; just make sure to keep it below 21.

But this isn’t an ordinary hand of Blackjack. You need to keep drawing cards until the time is up, accruing points from each hand dealt.

There are a variety of different modes and several decks to use, so if you’re on the market for an addicting game which you can play with friends, and which won’t take up hours of your day, Blackjack! Buzz might just be it.



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