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Ubisoft Confirms Assassin’s Creed Unity


The other day we posted screens from a brand new Assassin’s Creed set during the French Revolution. Called Assassin’s Creed Unity, the game is exclusive to new-gen consoles, and the video below apparently shows in-game visuals. It’s possible, although don’t get your hopes up, that what we’re seeing here will actually be what you see when you start playing.

But, again, don’t get your hopes up.

Also worth noting is the footage probably isn’t from a version of the game you’ll be playing on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If it is in-game, we can presume that that’s a top end PC, and that as we get closer towards PlayStation 4 and Xbox One footage, the quality will slowly drop. Of course, it’d be nice to be proven wrong. This is a new-gen only game and there haven’t been many of them yet, so it’s probably best to wait and see, whilst holding excitement firmly in check.

Unity has been in development for three years, according to the video’s description, although whether that includes the time it’s made to make the engine isn’t specified. Time and quality aren’t always good bedfellows either, as proven by Assassin’s Creed 3.

Another point worth noting is that the confirmation of a new-gen only Creed also hints at a last-gen exclusive as well, which is what had been rumoured. Expect more information on both games a little closer to E3. 


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