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Say Goodbye to BoxBoy This Month

I really like the BoxBoy games. Nintendo’s BoxBoy, a puzzle game created by Hal Lab (creators of Kirby), has already seen two games for the 3DS eshop. A third and final game, Bye-Bye BoxBoy, will see release this month.

Bye-Bye BoxBoy! will be coming to the 3DS eshop in Europe on March 23rd. Nintendo of America tweeted earlier today that the game would also be coming to the North American eshop on the same day but have since deleted the tweet. Does this mean that the game is not coming out on March 23rd for North America?

Though, perhaps someone just tweeted the news about this title before they were supposed to. Hopefully its the latter answer. I really want to play this game!

Also, in Japan, a BoxBoy amiibo was released. Will we see that amiibo in the west? There are still so many questions about this game. Here’s hoping we get the answers soon! will make sure to provide our readers with the latest BoxBoy news as it develops.

What do you think of BoxBoy? Did you play the previous game? Are you looking forward to the new one? Please share your thoughts about BoxBoy in the comments!


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