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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Demo Impressions

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has been available on the Nintendo Switch eshop for a little bit now. I hadn’t had the chance to play the game yet. I had seen previews of it and thought it looked good but other games were distracting me. And then today, a demo was released for Monster Boy. I decided to download it! What do I think of the Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom demo? Check out my impressions below!

Right away, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom’s graphics blew me away. The game is so beautiful, its like an animated movie. The characters, from the good guys to the bad guys, are all very detailed. The backgrounds are colorful and lively. I really dig the demo’s tropical feel.

And then there’s the gameplay! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is very much a Metroidvania, but with some platforming elements. The platforming is well done and the exploration and combat works well. I liked the little bits of upgrading (buying new boots, getting magic) shown off in the demo. All of that makes me excited for the full game.

Also, while the demo only lets you play as a human, the teaser at the end of the demo shows off some cool transformations into creatures. I wish I could’ve checked out one of them. Even the pig would’ve been neat.

Overall, the demo is really short, though its sweet too. If you don’t come away from the demo wanting to buy this game, then you must not like Metroidvanias. The Monster boy and the Cursed Kingdom demo impressed me a lot. I will have to check the game out as soon as possible!

Have you played Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom?

The demo (and the full game) for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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