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Michonne, Telltale, and the Walking Dead


If you have never had the pleasure of playing a Walking Dead game, and you have some interest in the television series, than you really need to get your hands on everything Telltale has published. While they are known for producing story centered games, the truth is that the Walking Dead series – Season 1, Season 2, and this latest miniseries looking at Michonne – are the best of their work. We recently got a code for the 1st episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, and we really liked it!

Michonne is a Walking Dead badass. When wielding her samurai sword – whether in the game or during the show – it is really hard to not like her. As her character gets fleshed out more and more as The Walking Dead on AMC moves through its latest season, the backstory of Michonne becomes more intriguing. Enter Telltale. Through a short miniseries, Telltale will look at some of Michonne’s backstory. Not only is this a great game for fans of the games, but also for those interested in getting more of a backstory on this phenomenal character.

I’m not going to get into the story, as we are a spoiler free video game resource, but I will highlight one point. This miniseries from Telltale will really give you a new perspective on the character of Michonne. Through some excellent writing and cut scenes, players are going to see a different, more ‘human’ version of the TV series’ badass. The reality is – as is the case with most of the Walking Dead cast – that Michonne wasn’t always a cold (at times), killing machine. After playing this miniseries, you will never look at her the same again.

Game play wise, nothing has changed majorly from what has made Telltale games so popular in the past. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the awkward analog stick movements when in close quarters with a zombies have been removed. I cannot tell you how many times in past Walking Dead episodes that I got killed because of a slight movement that I didn’t complete accurately enough. It was just frustrating. Everyone knows these games are not suppose to be hard, in a game play sense. They are suppose to make you think. It is an intellectual difficulty that is suppose to come to the forefront. That really comes through in this miniseries.

The voice acting and animations are top notch, as has always been the case with the series, and all Telltale games. The way the artists and directors portrayed Michonne was top notch. Through some very creepy, mind altering moments, we get to see some of what Michonne left behind in her past. It’s a different approach, one that has not been done in past Telltale Walking Dead games. In Too Deep, the first episode of the miniseries, is different from past Walking Dead games, but in the best way possible. We give The Walking Dead: Michonne a 9.0 out of 10!


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