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Rogue System launches Kickstarter

A new space combat simulator called Rogue System was recently launched on Kickstarter on February 14th. Rogue System’s developer Michael Juliano officially started the project four years ago, and in September 2012 moved the game into pre-Alpha development.

According to the official Kickstarter page, Rogue System will offer gameplay that features “the depth and fidelity of a complex flight simulator with the classic gameplay of the space combat genre to put the player fully in command of their ship.” Juliano also says that the game will include a single-player campaign focused around “dynamic missions” as well as persistent online multiplayer.

Rogue System will be fully customizable and Juliano plans on updating the game through what he calls “Modules.” These modules will feature large updates that greatly add to the overall experience, including a first-person shooter mode and “capitol ship” command.


Kickstarter Backers will receive various awards depending on how much they pledge. For example, a pledge of $30 dollars or more awards Backers with a digital copy of the game, access to the monthly newsletter, twelve desktop wallpapers and a choice between a digital copy of the Rogue

Rogue System’s Kickstarter goal is set for $300,000 and will end on March 21st. For more information visit the Kickstarter page or the official website at


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