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Is Daemon X Machina’s Prototype Missions Demo Worth A Look?

We got a few free things after the Nintendo Direct yesterday. There was a free-to-play game and a free demo. And then there was the biggest and most unexpected free thing: a demo of Daemon X Machina! The game is still being worked on and it looks like the developer wants feedback, hence the free look at the game. What do I think of Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions? Check out my impressions below.

When I first saw Daemon X Machina, I didn’t know what to think about it. It was a new IP and well, we’ve seen mech games like this a lot. It gave me Xenoblade Chronicles X vibes a bit. I thought that game was ok, but its not my favorite Xenoblade game. So what did I think of Daemon X Machina after playing it some?

First of all, I really love Daemon X Machina’s graphics. In hanger mode, things are pretty realistic looking. I was especially impressed by how much you can customize your character! Take a look at mine:

And the mech customization is jaw dropping too! Here’s my mech:

The level of options for the character creation and mech changes is fantastic. This is just a demo too so there may be more options in the actual game!

When you get into missions in Daemon, the graphics change a lot. With the missions, you are placed into a slightly cel-shaded style of graphics. The buildings and objects in the missions look realistic. Its the mechs, sky, and mountains that seem pretty cel-shaded. I think the graphics are incredible. This is just a demo?! The game is still being worked on?! Wow.

As for the gameplay in the missions, its a bit addictive, even though I haven’t gotten the hang of all the controls yet. I can get up into the sky with my mech but I haven’t found out the right way to descend yet.

I like the shooting in the demo and like how the mech moves. Someone on twitter said to me that they thought things moved a bit slow. I would not want the mechs to move faster. They move fast enough for me. Enemies can sometimes tough to track down.

I’ve only played two missions with the demo so far, the first training mission and the first regular mission. I really liked both missions, especially the second one. I’m looking forward to playing more of the demo.

So with Daemon X Machica, I went from being very unsure about the game to really excited about it once I played the demo!

What do you think of this demo? Are you looking forward to the full game?


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