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Will Microsoft Really stick to Regular Priced Xbox Ones?


With the turning of the calendar also came the end of Microsoft’s 50.00 discount on Xbox One consoles. Since beginning the initiative in November, Microsoft has sold very well, often outselling the competition. So with the increase back to regular price, will Xbox be limiting their sales potential for 2015?

I’d argue yes. The Ps4, whether on it’s own merit or a campaign of fictional smear ads against Nintendo and Microsoft, is the top dog in this generations console race. True and untrue statements about the competition has put Sony on top, and good for them. With this recent price cut, however, Microsoft drastically closed that gap, helped also by the great releases between September and December.

Increasing the price 50.00 seems like a ridiculous move by Microsoft. Their momentum is going to come to a sudden halt. Hopefully, Microsoft realizes this sooner rather than later and brings back their 349.99 Kinect-less and 449.99 Kinect bundles soon.

I’ve reached out to Xbox of Canada for further comment and will update this accordingly. Are you still looking to get an Xbox One down the road?


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