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Nintendo to Announce Mobile Plans Soon?


A Japanese newspaper reckons Nintendo have been thinking up various ways of bringing their IP to mobile devices (or rather, bringing people who use mobile devices to their consoles). Not only has this been going on for the last few months, but they’re about to announce exactly what these plans are.

Nikkei, a Japanese business newspaper, reported earlier this week that Nintendo will be announcing their mobile plans on Thursday. Exactly what they’ll entail has yet to be specified but, of course, the rumour mill has been working overtime.

The original Japanese report said that, instead of bringing Mario and friends to iOS and Android devices, Nintendo would instead be publishing “demos” to handheld devices. What this seems to mean is that Nintendo will be releasing an official Nintendo app from which you can check out the latest trailers and maybe even play a few simple games.

The idea has been met negatively by fans, who aren’t sure this is the way to go. Trailers for Nintendo products are everywhere, if you’re interested enough to download an app, you’re probably interested enough to give them a like on Facebook or Twitter. Outside of pushing notifications that alert you to when a game is out, exactly what will this app do that isn’t already available to a casual fan.

That will supposedly be announced on Thursday.


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