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Ground Zeroes Being Optimized for Each Controller


There are similarities between the various controllers on the market, but there are differences as well. Even when the controllers seem to offer comparable things and be relatively the same size, there may be features that just can’t be utilized across every platform. That’s why Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be optimized for each different input method, Kojima has confirmed.

Yesterday he announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Ground Zeroes will make use of the internal speaker, a feature that’s bound to be super effective when listening to codec messages. This is probably a bigger thing than it sounds, as it’ll likely require extra mixing over or devices.

But that’s not the only difference between consoles. Kojima explained today, via Twitter, the problems with making a multi-plat, multi-gen game, in terms of controllers.

The trigger button of PS4,360,ONE looks like the trigger of gun. PS3’s button is curved in the opposite direction.¬†Each controller not only differs the location of buttons but also its forms & mechanism. Extra work for adjustment.

That means that, from console to console, there will be slight differences in the way you play Ground Zeroes, and, of course, in certain bits of speech as the controls are explained.


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