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Far Cry 5 latest development video

Far Cry 5 is one of this years biggest releases, and based on the work Ubisoft have been doing recently, it’s definitely going to be one of the best Far Cry titles yet. Set in United States, players who have been exploring the jungles and villages of numerous third world countries, will no get to experience life on the open road, in America.

Although I expect the game play to retain all the Far Cry vibes from previous experiences, life in America will feel a lot different than it has in any other game in the franchise. Of course America has been spun on its head and twisted around a few times, but based on the trailers, we will get to enjoy open roads through the countries, fishing in pristine lakes, and enjoying the best views and scenes the US has to offer.

You can check also latest video released by game devs.

That leads me to wonder, however: although I expect this title to retain the fun and mechanics of past titles, how might Ubisoft further tweak the experience? A new world calls for new experiences, and based on the trailers, we will get those. But what else? New types of missions? New objectives? New collectibles?

Far Cry 5 will easily be one of the most intriguing games this year, and we cannot wait for it to launch so we can dive into a twisted, warped America that, frankly, might not be too far from actual reality!

What about you? Are you excited to explore America in Far Cry 5? Be sure to let us know, and check back around launch for a full review!


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