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The Alien isn’t the Only Threat in Isolation


Alien: Isolation is most certainly a survival horror game, but you won’t spend all of your time dodging the Xenomorth. There will be moments of intense “action” where you must survive being hunted, and then down periods as well.

From an interview with RPS, creative director Al Hope explains what Isolation is all about, and what you might expect when you get access later this year:

So the game is very much about you surviving and your journey through the [station], it’s about that whole space. It’s not just about you and the Alien. The demo today was very much about giving you a very small glimpse of what it’s like. Which was basically a test for us, you know – what’s it like to put a player in a space with Ridley Scott’s original Alien and a motion tracker? What is that like? I mean, one of the first things, before we had anything on the screen, I’d be talking to guys in the studio, going… “Okay, we’re going to release Ridley Scott’s Alien in the studio. What you gonna do?” It was a cool jumping off point because people would be saying, “Okay well I’m gonna crouch under my desk – make sure he can’t see me!” Cool. Then what are you gonna do?

 it’s very much about surviving against all the obstacles that the player is up against. The world itself is very dangerous and it’s physically dangerous, the world is kind of a puzzle in some respects. There is a small group of inhabitants on that station and they’re in a similar situation to you and how they react to you varies – sometimes positive, sometimes negative. There’s a large number of combinations of things that the player needs to be thinking about all the time to survive and it’s very much about surviving.


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