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No Chicken Soup Today Review

No Chicken Soup Today

Release: 21/03/2013
Publisher: Baguet Games
Developer: Baguet Games
Genre: Action, Mobile


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7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
4.0 - Audio


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Although frustrating to get the hang of at first, No Chicken Soup Today is a good way to pass the time when you’re stuck in a waiting room somewhere. It’s one of those rare platformers that give you an actual challenge and will keep you coming back to prove yourself.


You play the game as a chicken that is trying to escape from a kitchen by jumping around obstacles, picking up power ups and avoiding things that can kill you. The controls are hard to get used to at first, with the left thumb on the movement controls (left and right) and touching anywhere on the screen with your right thumb to jump; if your left thumb wanders a little bit off the movement button you’ll find yourself jumping all over the place and into sharp knives. That, in addition to how your character slides on the ground with little friction, can get very irritating.


The graphics are better than most mobile games but still lacks a certain element of eye-candy and visual excitement



The audio is quite what you’d expect from any phone game: generic, repetitive and unnecessary. For the best playing experience it should be turned off.


Despite being made with the usual formula it is still quite the enjoyable pass-time, the game still feels a little bit incomplete but worth checking out nonetheless.



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