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Indie Corner: Blues and Bullets Best Episodic Ever?

2869756-blue-and-bullets_129x129 A Crowd of Monsters wouldn't be my first thought when talking about a potential Game of the Year nomination. It isn't because they are not qualified or that they aren't talented enough. It is just that they don't have the resume of most GOTY candidates. I could be wrong, but this is Crowd of Monsters third game - previously they released a mobile title, and an endless runner that we reviewed called Clash of Titans.


Tony Hawk 5 Day one Update Bigger than Game

Game_Cover_Tony120x129 It is becoming shocking how bad some developers are messing up AAA launches. Fortunately, a few are able to rectify the problem on day one, but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily place confidence in their brand. Tony Hawk 5 is the latest game to be plagued by a issues that require a large day one patch. Tony Hawk 5 comes in at a low 4.6 GB when downloaded from the disc to the Xbox One or PS4 systems. When most games…


Skylanders amiibo A Sensational Idea

skylanders-figures When Reggie and Activision announced at E3 2015 that Nintendo characters were coming to Skylanders, I was fairly skeptical, especially since it was also announced that these characters would also be amiibo compatible. Now that I have the figures in my hands - thanks to Activision who saved me a lot of money (more on that later) - I can say my skeptism was unfounded. While I wish the characters modeled an amiibo more than a Skylander, the final figures are still excellent little toys that ...


Blood Bowl 2 a Great Recreation

Blood-bowl-2 If you are not familiar, Blood Bowl is actually a Warhammer Table Top game that is enjoyed by a fairly niche group of individuals. With its launch on console, I think a wider audience will be found. Whether these people will stay to play, however, is the real question. Despite a lackluster tutorial system which inevitably requires players to learn-as-they-play, there is a lot to love in Blood Bowl 2. Don't be confused, however, Madden fans. If you are dedicated sports game fan, this ...


Rainbow Six Siege Beta Impressions

R6Siege_Wallpapers_Op_2560x1440 Outside of Assassins Creed, Ubisoft has made a name for themselves via the Rainbow Six franchise. The game has always been a lot of fun, focusing on team game play. Rainbow Six Siege is no different. Armed with a number of tools, players are let loose to fight each other in 5v5 multiplayer matches, and from what I have played, it is really, REALLY fun.


Alpha Tester for Star Wars Battlefront says Game is Broken

2743161-5356_120x129 Developer Dice and publisher Electronic Arts are moving closer to the launch of the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront title due out November 17. Today, rumors surfaced that the game would be available for EA Access members five days ahead of launch, on November 12th. Other, less impressive rumors, have also come out about the state of the game.


Book of Unwritten Tales 2 on Console

the-book-of-unwritten-tales-2_120x129 A few months back, we received a PC copy of the Book of Unwritten Tales 2. This was a fantastic point and click adventure title that built on the success of the original, and brought back memories of the good-old-days when point and click games were at their peak. When the development team announced the game would also be coming to consoles, I was skeptical.


Rock Band Lands in October, Who’s Excited?

rockband-4_200x150 It has been many years since Rock Band released a new game. In that time, many people thought these musical games were basically done, gone, forever forgotten. Between Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and a number of other less impressive titles, people got worn out on the plastic instrument games.


Fast & Furious Car Pack Out Now for Forza Motorsport 6

fm6_cover_120x129 Forza Motorsport 6 was out in North America on September 15, but in Europe we can see the title race onto Xbox One on September 18, and it brings over 450 cars to the racing franchise. Another ten cars are also available in the new Fast & Furious Car Pack, which released in North America to coincide with the Forza 6 release.


NHL 16 Early Impressions, Issues with other Reviews

1ed6b820_200x200 NHL 16 is a fabulous NHL game, probably the best EA NHL title to date. However, building off EA's first next (current) generation title, NHL 15, wasn't hard. EA learned from NHL 15 and provided a new, better product for hockey fans around the world.