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ID@Xbox for March 12 – March 16

We are a bit late on this one, but please check out the ID@Xbox release from this week, March 12 - March 16! There are a number of great titles available here, and as always, we will talk about and write about our favorites, so makes ure to stay tuned to by Twitter feed!


The Crew 2 Coming June 29th

We really enjoyed ourselves with The Crew when it was launched back in 2014, and have been closely following the development of The Crew 2. Today, Ubisoft announced the release date for The Crew 2: June 29th, 2018. See more details below!


Microsoft Promises Biggest E3 Ever

When early photos of the E3 2018 show floor were leaked to the public, many people scratched their heads and wondered why, when compared to Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft's booth space was so small! Well, thanks to an announcement today by Xbox leadership, the reasoning behind that has been made clear. While Microsoft will still have a presence on the show floor at E3 this year, they are moving the bulk of their announcements and games to an entirely different venue, the Microsoft Theatre.


Iron Harvest Kickstarter to Launch Today

The first tagline on the Iron Harvest Kickstarter page is a historical, and incredibly intriguing one. The developers have written, “After World War 1, farmers found a plethora of unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, weapons, shrapnel and bullets while ploughing their fields. This was called the ‘Iron Harvest.'” As a long time History buff – with two degrees in the topic to my name – it was an intriguing start to what promises to be a phenomenal game coming to ...


Twin:Charge 4 and Twin:Charge X Review

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to review the Charge:Tower Pro units for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 courtesy of Snakebyte. While we commended both units as being excellent storage solutions and dual charging units, we indicated that it came at a cost: space. As more and more people move towards a completely digital library, the need for towers to hold games is becoming less and less necessary. Enter an alternative product from Snakebyte: the Twin:Charge 4 for PlayStation 4 and ...


Win a Golden Banana Courtesy of Sea of Thieves, Rare and Xbox!

Xbox, Rare Ltd., and the Sea of Thieves crew are giving fans the opportunity to get into a piratey mood ahead of the Sea of Thieves launch by launching a contest for real loot: a golden banana, worth tens of thousands of dollars! Players can team up with friends to complete the challenges, and get a chance at the reward. The first clue is set to land at 12:00 AM pacific time on Monday! Full contest details below!


Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC

If you've never played Super Lucky's Tale you are definitely missing out. Despite a few hiccups that have plagued platforming titles since the beginning of time, Super Lucky's Tale is a charming adventure platform title that will have you scurrining across four world, collecting coins and clovers, defeating bosses, and bringing peace to the land. For 4.99, owners of Super Lucky's Tale can grab a 5th world, with roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay. While nothing new mechanically is added to the ...


More Thoughts From Me #110: Questions and Answers

I asked a bunch of my twitter friends/followers if they had any questions for me and they delievered! So todays More Thoughts From Me is a Q&A. You had questions and I have answers! Here are the questions in bold and then my answers: GTM618¬†asked: “VR. Is it the future? Or a fad” I want to say VR is a fad but it keeps coming back. We can’t get rid of it! It was here in the 90s, then…


State of Decay 2 Launching May 22nd

State of Decay 2 is coming to Xbox One and PC this spring, and as per reporting by IGN, the game will come in two separate versions. State of Decay 2 is the long awaited sequel to State of Decay, and will be coming on May 22nd according to developer Undead Labs.


When Reviewing, Who Is Your Review Score Aimed At?

The hardest part about doing a review is putting the score out of 10 or 100 at the end. Many websites have gone ahead and done away with review scores, but it doesn't seem to be a popular choice with many gamers. Believe it or not, review scores mean a lot to many people, and purchasing decisions are ultimately driven by scores on metacritic. A problem with scores is evident every time I sit down with what many would deem a kids game, and the thought of writing this piece is driven by my ...