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PDP Configuration App Coming to Xbox One

afterglow_prismatic_wired_controller_xbox_one_120x129 Performance Design Products makes a lot of great hardware for consoles and PC, and there really isn't any beating around the bush with them: we love there stuff. Sure, we haven't praised some items as much as others, but overall, they make an excellent product. One product that I use consistently with my Xbox One is my Prismatic Afterglow Wired Xbox One Controller. With the ability to map buttons the way you want, it's the perfect alternative to the very expensive Xbox One Elite controller ...


Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

enigmats1_120x129 Puzzles games have predominantly found their way onto mobile devices. These games lend themselves to touch screens and for on-the-go gaming. When companies attempt to move games from mobile to console, the results are often disastrous.


Hitman: Episode 2

hitmane284a2_20160321001836_679x388 You if look back on our original Hitman Prologue and Episode 1 review, you will find a constant theme. This game has a huge wow factor that not many games pull off. Hitman, at least this time around - previous games in the franchise pale in comparison - has done a brilliant job of combining stealth, strategy, and assassination.


Gears of War 4 is Incredibly Expensive. Is it worth it?

d65ed71c-21ab-48f0-bcb4-4507fc9fa755 The pricing numbers for Gears of War 4 were announced this week, and yike! It is going to be expensive. According to Microsoft of Canada, the price of the standard edition in Canada will be 79.99 with the ultimate edition - the standard edition plus the season pass - will sell for 129.99. As a standalone, the season pass will cost 69.99. Obviously, all of these figures are Canadian. While Gears of War 4 is likely to be a big hit on Xbox later this year - the beta went surprisingly well in ...


GTA V 50% Off Via Xbox Live Glitch?

gtav_officialtrailer_640 Forum posters on RedFlagDeals - a Canadian deals website - are reporting that GTA V is 50% on Xbox One if you have purchased all the free DLC on Xbox 360. How long this 'glitch' continues to work is beyond me, however many users are indicating that after purchasing the Free DLC for GTA V on 360 - via the web store - they are getting a 50% discount on the Xbox One Version.


Rocket League Hoops!

62444d3b-f7f2-4c10-85f8-a729f9b72f56 If you've played Rocket League you know how much fun, and how popular, it is. It's a really simple concept, but the execution is fantastic. Whether you are playing online, coop on the couch, or all alone, it is so easy to lose yourself in multiple matches. Psyonix is taking things a bit further later this month with the launch of a basektball version of Rocket League, and we cannot wait for it!


Reimagining versus HD Port: What Ratchet and Clank Does Right

ratchet-and-clank-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-09jun14 Bringing back games from the past has become increasingly popular with all three big video game console companies, and who could really blame them. Throw on a few HD visuals, tweak a few things, and rerelease your title to consumers at nearly the same price as a new release. Don't get me wrong, I think most companies and developers put in a fair amount of work when creating these HD ports, but no one has done it better than Insomniac, and their latest reimagining, Ratchet and Clank.


Musterbrand Unveils Licensed Designer Apparel and Accessories

unnamed If you are a big fan of Uncharted or Mirror's Edge, then Musterbrand has the apparel and accessories for you. Although we only received an announcement today, clothing that resembles what is worn in Mirrors Edge and Uncharted - as well as casual apparel designed with these games in mind - you can preorder these lovely items right now on the Musterbrand website. Read on for more details from the retailer.


French Developer DotEmu Releases Pang Adventure

unnamed French developer and publisher DotEmu has launched their latest title, Pang Adventure, on PC, Xbox One, and mobile today. Pang Adventure focuses on two protagonists that must save the human race from an alien invasion. With its bright graphics, Pang Adventure is sure to enlighten many players, both young and old.


Multiplayer Trailer for Call of Duty Eclipse DLC Revealed Today

maxresdefault Last week we posted the trailer for the newest DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This DLC will hit PS4 first on April 19th. Today, Activision released the multiplayer trailer for the DLC. It look incredibly promising, and anyone looking for more Black Ops goodness should be really excited for this latest DLC pack.