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Can One Amazing Game Ruin Another Amazing Game

cities-xl-43 I firmly believe that one outstanding game can ruin another outstanding game, especially when talking about games that require a significant time investment. Few indie titles get missed because they are generally shorter. Thankfully, if two 'big' indie games launch in the same week they are short enough for me to enjoy both.


Xbox One May update

xboxone_690x364 The XBOX One May Update is now rolling out to preview members giving us voice messaging while still in a Party and gives a fix to the TV Tuner in the U.S. and Canada. There have been reported issues with the U.S./Canada USB TV Turner not scanning channels correctly. This update will resolve that issue.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt goes Gold on Xbox One

The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Cover-Universelle_129x129 If you haven't seen all the videos, previous, and developer diaries leading up to the launch of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, stop reading this now and go searching. What you will find is a vast world that can be explored, with lots of variety and fun along the way.


New The Witcher 3 DLC was announced today

The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Cover-Universelle_129x129 New The Witcher 3 DLC was announced today, despite the fact that the game still over a month out from launch. Regardless, more content is never bad, unless it comes at the expense of the core game. Thankfully, that doesn't appear to be the case.


April Games with Gold Xbox One / 360

xboxlive It is DOUBLE Games with Gold for April. While some may have thought Microsoft was pulling a big April Fools joke, the reality - according to 'E' on Major Nelson's Podcast - is that Games with Gold turns one this April, and this is how Microsoft is giving back.


With Consoles Lacking Couch Co-op, Shiftlings Shines

image The era of couch co-op with the Xbox One and PS4 is quickly dying. Sure, I'm obviously not stating that couch co-op is nonexistent. It is available in a few titles, but un-liked Nintendo, the other two companies know that their success, and the success of their games, relies on a solid, online network. Shiftlings appears to be built for multiplayer.


First Look: Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

e0be8f41-50b3-40ba-8a42-6791da8061d0 Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is only free until April 10th but after playing the game for about an hour and a half I realized I won't need much more time to complete the entire game and successfully unlock all achievements, netting me the 1000/1000 score. The total amount of time to complete this game is about 3-5 hours depending on your driving skill. Most of the achievements are story related or task related, One achievement entirely depends on your skills for combo chains as a ...


Opinion: Gamers Want more “Ori”

ori1 A new wave of developers is taking over the consoles and they are releasing polished and interesting games. Some companies do it from a central office - Image and Form Games is based in Sweden, and are best known for SteamWorld Dig and the upcoming SteamWorld Heist - while others are pulling from the best talent around the planets, such as Moon Studios, the company behind Ori and the Blind Forest.


Has Fable Lost its “Must Buy” Reputation: Legends is Free-to-Play

fable1_690x319 If you've been anticipating the latest Fable release and have been saving your pennies, you can now stop. Microsoft and Lion Head Studios announced late last week that Fable Legends will now be free-to-play. While there is no real reason given for this change in philosophy, one can only suspect that perhaps, the Fable franchise has lost it's 'must buy' reputation.


Microsoft going all out on Ultimate Sales

xboxone_690x364 If you've just purchased an Xbox One, or if you've been cash strapped and missed out on some of the best Xbox One games available, Microsoft is about to make your day...for a small fee. All this week, Microsoft has discounted many Xbox One titles ranging from the overpriced Angry Birds Star Wars to the the always magnificent Halo series.