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Snakebyte Charge:Tower Pro

We've been reviewing a fair number of Snakebyte products over the last little while, although they have been all for the Nintendo Switch. The Snakebyte Charge:Tower Pro for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the first items we've reviewed from this company not related to Nintendo. If our early impressions of both products is any indication, we will be purchasing more Snakebyte products for Xbox One and PS4 in the near future! Let's check them out!


Shining Resonance Refrain – Announce Trailer

Sega announced yesterday that Shining Resonance Refrain will be coming west! We have the announcement trailer below, plus some thoughts from me about the game. Shining Resonance Refrain will be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Sega is bringing the game west this summer. The trailer above just shows a lot of cutscenes and not much gameplay. I wish we had seen what the battles would be like in the game and gotten a sense…


Multiple Game Play Styles in Far Cry 5

In an IGN First - as seen below - Brandin Tyrrel (Editor, games) is seen showing a number of different ways that players will be able to explore Far Cry 5 when it launches in late March, 2018. You can see the full video below where IGN takes on a specific enemy enclosure with three separate tactics!


ID@Xbox Releases for February 5-9

Another week has passed, and we have a round up of this weeks ID@Xbox titles. Check them out below, and let us know if you will be picking any of them up! Xbox has provided us codes for these titles, and we will be sure to write about our favorites next week! Stay tuned.


Multiple Farming Modes in Pure Farming 2018

According to Polish developer and publisher, Techland, their upcoming farming simulation game, Pure Farming 2018, will have up to three different modes for players to work through. On top of their early announcement that farm owners could have 4 farms going at once, in 4 different countries, the company is now detailing some of their other ways to play. Check out the descriptions below!


Smoke and Sacrifice Is Coming to PC and Consoles This Year

Curve Digital has brought a lot of cool games to the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles (and PC). And now they are bringing another game to PC and consoles with the survival rpg Smoke and Sacrifice. We have a trailer for the game, plus my some brief impressions from me and a press release with more info! Smoke and Sacrifice looks so good! I love the art style in this game and the gameplay looks really good. I’m…


Railway Empire Performs Better on Xbox Than Expected

When I saw Railway Empire from Kalypso - the same company behind the Tropico series - I knew the game was going to be relatively good. That being said, I always have a few reservations about playing tycoon and simulation style titles on a console, using a controller. More than half the time, the controller just cannot replicate the feel of the mouse and keyboard, and many games in this style fall flat because of pure controls. After only a few hours with Railway Empire, however, and I can ...


Press Release: Insurgency: Sandstorm Rolls Out Its Teaser Trailer

January 30, 2018 - Taking the original Insurgency formula and evolving it, the million-selling FPS comes enhanced and expanded. Insurgency: Sandstorm is built in UnrealEngine 4 with upgraded graphics and takes the series into a new era. Coming to PC and, for the first time, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Insurgency: Sandstorm brings extended gameplay possibilities, improved immersion, as well as new co-op and versus objective-based game modes―all while retaining the lethal tactical action that ...


ID@Xbox Releases – January 22-26

Another week has passed us by, and another round of ID@Xbox titles have hit the Xbox Marketplace. Check them all out below, and let us know which ones you might get!


Sea of Thieves: Fun, But for How Long?

Ever since RARE launched the Sea of Thieves Alpha a number of months ago, I have been jumping into the game and trying it out during each alpha session. It has been really fun watching the game evolve in front of my eyes, and concepts, themes, and execution of the pirate idea is very well done. With the official Beta launch - and more people sailing the seven seas - it was time to begin judging Sea of Thieves in a more critical light. How does this hold up? How much fun is it really? What ...