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Zombie Vikings digitally on Xbox One

zombie_v_519x518 This week, Zoink Games sent over some information regarding the release of Zombie Vikings on Xbox One. Usually, I attempt to spin the press releases and give my opinions, but I am in the Bahamas on vacation. However, you can read the release below:


May the Lego Force Be With You: Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Coming In June

LegoStarWars Traveler’s Tales has created a lot of Lego games for multiple consoles. The Lego game that started it all was Lego Star Wars and now Traveler’s Tales is going back to that Galaxy Far Far Away. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been announced and it will be coming in June 2016!   Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be coming to multiple systems (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, etc) on June 28th. Game Informer will feature the…


Xbox Live Games with Gold for February Announced

Feb16GWGHERO-940x520 Microsoft announced yesterday that the Xbox Live Games with Gold for February will lead off with an action-RPG and card game called Hand of Fate starting on February 1st for Xbox One. Microsoft will then follow up with Styx: Master of Shadows as you play a stealth goblin on February 16, also on Xbox One.


More Thoughts From Me #3: A Mighty Disappointment

MightyNo9 Mighty No. 9 is a much talked about Indie game thats coming out...sooner or later. Honestly, I don't care when its coming out. I think the game looks like a generic Mega Man game. So why am I writing about the game? Well, I have to have my say too! This is the internet!


Dying Light: The Bozak Horde DLC Review

Dying_Light_cover If you have not yet read our review of Dying Light, you can do so here. We thought it was pretty good. Thankfully, the PR company in charge of Dying Light sent over a few DLC packs as well, and we have played through the first one, The Bozak Horde. Below are our thoughts on this DLC pack, and the extra value it brings to an already outstanding game.


Additional Xbox 360 backwards compatible games now available

Xbox-One-backward-compatible-Compress.Photos Microsoft has released the latest list of Xbox 360 backward compatible titles coming out for Xbox One, and this list includes The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings. As part of a backwards compatible promotion some select regions are able to pick up The Witcher 2 for free.


Our Tips for Playing Ark: Survival Evolved

maxresdefault If you've had the opportunity to play ARK: Survival Evolved, you know that the first number of hours can be incredibly frustrating. If you don't die a lot, you are probably doing it wrong. The game doesn't hold your hand in any way, which makes online guides so incredibly valuable. While we won't be putting something together that as in depth as some of the Wiki's already available, we will share with you our top tips for playing.


Microsoft’s Elite Controller Worth Every Dollar

Controller2 I'm not a fan of high priced video game accessories. Consumers have already plunked down 400-500 dollars on the hardware itself, and often feel compelled to spend extra on quality headsets and the like. When Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite Controller at a price point of 179.99 (in Canada), I shook my head and sighed. Who's going to buy this? Even the most hardcore of Xbox gamers surely don't need an overpriced accessory, do they?


Ark is the Dino Game We Wanted

images So yes, the rumors are definitely true. ARK: Survival Evolved is the dinosaur game that we have always wanted. Sure, there have been a handful of good dino games in the past...ok may be one or two, but soon players on Xbox One will get a massive, exciting, dinosaur adventure. Whether it's simply being awestruck by the views throughout the world, or actually engaging in the many activities available, there will be something for everyone in this pre-release title.


Oculus Rift Out of Stock

NewOculus_Header2 Preorders for the Oculus Rift kit went on sale this morning at 11 PM Eastern Time, and it took less than 15 minutes for the entire stock to be claimed. Shipment dates originally set for March 2016 have also been pushed back to April 2016. For those that said Virtual Reality gaming was never going to catch one, well, unless Oculus only had 5 units to sell, I would argue you are probably wrong.