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SteamWorld Heist Blasting Onto Devices in Spring 2015

steamworld heist A few weeks back, I reviewed SteamWorld Dig on the Wii U. The game was so fantastic, I've now owned it on multiple different platforms including my Wii U for at home and 3DS for on the road. The game is that good. If you haven't picked it up, stop reading this useless announcement, grab the game and play it, and come back to read this at your convenience. After all, the release date for their next title isn't until Spring 2015.


PlayStation fans might “Make a Fuss” about Announcement on Monday

Sony-Japan_690x508 An announcement coming Monday may just cause PlayStation fans to "make a fuss," a Famitsu editor said yesterday. Although he didn't offer much else to go on, the implication that it's going to be exclusive to one or more of the PlayStation devices is sure to capture the attention of those interested in Japanese titles.


Is Half Minute Hero 2 Coming to Vita?

halfminutehero2 A rather hint-laden Twitter conversation involving Sony's Shahid Kamal Ahmad seems to hint at the release of Half Minute Hero 2 on Vita. Is it too obvious a connection to make, or have they just been a little careless in their inferring?


Class of Heroes 2G physical copy only available for pre-order

CoH2G_PS3 coversheet_120x129 Listen up, video game collectors. Class of Heroes 2G is getting a limited physical release on the Playstation 3. Gaijinworks will end presale orders on July 27th 2014. The game will also be available on the PSN for $34.99 but if you want to trade, sell, or just put a copy of it on your shelf, then you're going to have to preorder it for $49.99 + $4.99 shipping (in the states).


Dead Space 3 Coming to PlayStation Plus Next Month

DeadSpace3 Sony have announced the games coming to PlayStation Plus in July, and leading the charge is EA's Dead Space 3.


Warrior Orochi 3 Ultimate Coming soon to Ps4 and XBOX One

OrochiWarriors3Ultimate Tecmo Koei Europe announced today that the latest in the Warriors Orochi series is currently in development. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is coming to PS3, PS4, PSVita and the Xbox One and contains the full Warriors Orochi 3, as well as new stories and features. It is the first in the series to be released on the flagship PS4 and Xbox One systems.


Minecraft’s release date on PS4 & Vita announced

minecraft-thumb In a recent post on, creative writer Owen Hill has posted that a "slightly improved" version of Minecraft is on its way to Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita this August.


Grand Theft Auto “Stories” Being Remastered for Vita

GTA-Vita Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories don't get the love they deserve. As expansions on the PS2 classics, they built on the stories and characters of their respective games, but were left behind by only being available on PSP for the majority of their lifespan. A late release on PS2 and digital release on PS3 meant fans could rebuy, but hopefully the newly announced Vita version will offer a new life to these all too overlooked titles.


Child of Light Coming to Vita

Children-of-Light-630x354n4_900x506 Child of Light is an absolutely staggeringly beautiful game, great fun and impressing critics left and right. There's one problem though: if you're not sat at a console, you're not going to be able to enjoy it. That's why it's great news that Ubisoft have announced that they're bringing Aurora and pals to the PlayStation Vita later this year.


Bandai Namco Hint at Digimon Localisation

digimoncybersleuth Digimon rode the same wave Pokemon did for a while in the nineties, but when the fad ended, so too did the mainstream acceptance of those digital champions. Pokemon kept working as a full-on RPG and Digimon, at least here in the UK, disappeared from charts. That might be about to change.