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Fan Creates Custom Zelda Controller… For The PS3

It's not unusual for the crafty sort to paint controllers or even consoles, and there's some really amazing stuff out there. The Legend of Zelda is a regular source for fans, and we've all seen custom Wiis, Gamecubes, controllers and Gameboys masked with Gorons, fairies and Zoras. Less usual is to find Zelda-releated fan art on PlayStation products, but one person has bucked expectation.


Ubisoft Didn’t Interfere in Child of Light Development

It's a well believed idea that major publishers hate originality and that they'll take a direct hand in development if they don't like the direction a game is going. While that may well happen, Child of Light writer Jeffrey Yohalem was surprised to find Ubisoft was nothing but supportive of his fairy tale RPG.


Metal Gear Revengeance Permanently Reduced on Digital Stores

Konami have today announced the adjustment on the price of Metal Gear Solid Revengeance and some of the DLC on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The discount will be permanent, meaning that those that have yet to dip into the slash-fest have no reason to rush to the digital stores.


EU May PlayStation Plus Titles Announced

It's that time of the month again. Sony have announced the new PlayStation Plus games for May 2014, and this time around there's more of a mixed bag. While April's games introduced a few largely unwanted sports games, this coming month might seem a little underwhelming at first, especially if you're the sort of person who only plays "adult" games. Still, five free games, and all of them worth checking out.


First Image of Call of Duty 2014 Released

IGN and Sledgehammer have released an image of the next Call of Duty, supposedly from in-game footage. Call of Duty 2014 has yet to be fully revealed, although it was confirmed earlier this year that it would be made with a focus on new-gen consoles. Perhaps the release of this image, with its rather excellent texturing, is a continuation of that.


Sony Confirmed The Last of Us PS4

Everybody has known about The Last of Us PS4 for, well, quite a while. It was turning up for pre-order in stores at the beginning of the year, and development was confirmed by a senior Sony employee last month. Stores were even accepting pre-orders and offering bonuses. The only part of the video game chain that couldn't accept its existence was Sony as a whole, but that changed today.


Minecraft Servers Down After Web-Breaking OpenSSL Bug Discovered

Hundreds of websites and servers are to be affected after the discovery of a web-breaking bug that makes an estimated two-thirds of all servers accessible to hackers. Passwords, bank details and more could be available to those that know how to get them, and it's not just favourite websites that are affected. The Minecraft servers, for starters, have been temporarily shut down while developer Mojang looks into the problem.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in Development

It was only a month ago that Randy Pitchford said his studio wasn't working on a new Borderlands title and that hiding work on new titles was pointless, and here we are. Although it's true that Gearbox aren't directly working on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a new game set between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, 2K Australia apparently are.


Predator Leaping into Call of Duty

A short teaser video from the official Call of Duty Instagram page shows a distinctly Predator-esque level, with a distinctly invisible threat hunting the player. Although it's not expressly said that Predator will be making an appearance in the next set of DLC maps, which the video is a teaser for, it's pretty obvious. The description even has the quote "If it bleeds..." in it.


April PlayStation Plus Content Leaks

Sony Asia have once again announced the upcoming games for their PlayStation Plus content, most of which end up being exactly the same as the EU stuff. There's a nice mixture of titles this month across all platforms, certainly enough to keep most people happy until May.