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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

enigmats1_120x129 Puzzles games have predominantly found their way onto mobile devices. These games lend themselves to touch screens and for on-the-go gaming. When companies attempt to move games from mobile to console, the results are often disastrous.


Hitman: Episode 2

hitmane284a2_20160321001836_679x388 You if look back on our original Hitman Prologue and Episode 1 review, you will find a constant theme. This game has a huge wow factor that not many games pull off. Hitman, at least this time around - previous games in the franchise pale in comparison - has done a brilliant job of combining stealth, strategy, and assassination.


Xseed Corpse Party Launches on PC

cp6 If you want to talk about interesting titles, look no further than the latest release from XSeed, Corpse Party. "Corpse Party, is now available worldwide for Windows PC on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store by Humble Bundle with exclusive content and features. Originally developed as an independent title by Team GrisGris, and previously released for the PSP, Corpse Party is a chilling visual novel-style experience that takes players on a terrifying journey where each step could be their last."


Reimagining versus HD Port: What Ratchet and Clank Does Right

ratchet-and-clank-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-09jun14 Bringing back games from the past has become increasingly popular with all three big video game console companies, and who could really blame them. Throw on a few HD visuals, tweak a few things, and rerelease your title to consumers at nearly the same price as a new release. Don't get me wrong, I think most companies and developers put in a fair amount of work when creating these HD ports, but no one has done it better than Insomniac, and their latest reimagining, Ratchet and Clank.


More Thoughts From Me #15: Graphics Not Included

HitchhikersGuide Before there was graphics, there was the Text Adventure. One part reading, one part imagination, text adventures are just a novelty now but they are a really important part of gaming history. Let me take you on a trip back in time… Once a upon a time, there were no fancy graphics (actually, there were no graphics at all). There wasn’t even gameplay as we know it now. There were no video game consoles; only the PC. I wasn’t alive…


The Collider 2 Launches on Steam Today

18611df3-1fb5-45c0-a4ba-f0b30be9b450 Polish developer Shortbreak Studios is launching The Collider 2 today on Steam. This game will test your reflexes as your race through the galaxy destroying alien ships in suicide-mission like conditions. Players will "take down reactors, collect sensitive data, and avoid lethal defenses all while maneuvering through the vents of the enemy vessel at near light-speed velocity."


French Developer DotEmu Releases Pang Adventure

unnamed French developer and publisher DotEmu has launched their latest title, Pang Adventure, on PC, Xbox One, and mobile today. Pang Adventure focuses on two protagonists that must save the human race from an alien invasion. With its bright graphics, Pang Adventure is sure to enlighten many players, both young and old.


@OMGitsJezy Reviews: S277HK 4k Acer Monitor

u-cSMH9J_400x400 @OMGitsJezy is back again - shocker, really it is - and this time he is looking at a 4k monitor from the good people over at Acer. Acer makes a wide range of computer products - laptops to monitors - and Jezy recently reviewed one of their 4k models. Watch the video below for more on what Jezy thought of this product.


Activision Launching New Ghostbusters Game in July

1200px-Ghostbusters_logo.svg If you cannot get enough of Ghostbusters - really, who can get enough, am I right?! - then perhaps you might be interested in Activision's upcoming Ghostbusters game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. In this cooperative title, you and a band of three friends will roam around New York City removing the ghostly presence, one-by-one. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on cooperative couch play, something only indies are really pushing for now a days. If for no other reason, I hope this AAA game will ...


More Thoughts From Me #14: Stop With The Rumors Already!

LuigiJudgesYou ” Hey listen…I’ve heard that the NX is…”. On the internet, anybody can say anything they want. They can tell you the truth and they can lie too. Oh boy they can lie. People especially love to make up rumors about stuff that they love or think they’ll love. They do that with things they hate too. When it comes to video games, this is pretty common. The worst part though is that fan sites will report these rumors…. Rumors…