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Dualshock 3 Usable on Jailbroken iOS 7

A brand new Jailbreak hack allows for users of iOS 7 to play controller-compatible games with a PlayStation Dualshock 3 controller. This is great news for those that want a controller for their phone but don't necessarily want to buy something new to go with it. It's easy to set up - presuming you already know the basics of a hacked phone - and will no doubt change the way some people play games on their phone.


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Coming Early February

It was the surprise fantasy detective story of 2013, but unfortunately Telltale's The Wolf Among Us disappeared of a lot of radars when the developer announced episode two wouldn't be available until 2014. Now, with the first episode of season two of The Walking Dead out of the way, Telltale have announced a more specific release date: the first week of February.


Angry Birds Rio Update Launched, More Incoming

More than two years on, Angry Birds Rio has probably been lost in the mess of Star Wars spin-offs that the top casual franchise has released in the time since, but that's not stopping the developers from releasing an update to celebrate the release of Rio 2.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Coming This Month

Well, after a rather explosive episode of The Walking Dead aired this week, I’m sure we’re all hoping to find some way of getting our franchise fix to tide us over until the show continues in February next year. “Coincidentally,” TellTale is on hand to provide. The official TellTale Twitter account yesterday confirmed that the first episode of season two of The Walking Dead would debut later this month. The episode will be called “All That Remains,” and ...


PS Mobile Expanding in Europe

If you live in the UK, the US, or some other "major" gaming country, it can be a little hard to believe that there are some places that are yet to get some of the things we take for granted. Take PlayStation Mobile, for instance, which Sony have today announced will be making its way to several new countries in mid-December.


LEGO Lord of the Rings Makes it to iOS

Relive the Fellowship’s adventure all over again, this time on your iOS device. Warner Brothers have announced that they’re bringing LEGO Lord of the Rings to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, at only £2.99. It looks like it’s based on the handheld version of the game – the same you would have played if you bought LEGO Lord of the Rings on Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita – so things are a little different to the version on consoles and…


New Star Soccer Update Released

New Star Soccer - the mobile sports game that beat out the likes of FIFA and Football Manager at the BAFTAs this year - has recieved a new major update that changes and enhances its award winning gameplay, as well as adding new features to keep you addicted all over again.


Final Fantasy VII Remake… Could Come to iOS

A Final Fantasy VII remake is something fans have wanted since at least the beginning of last generation, when Square Enix showed off a tech demo in which they recreated the opening movie from VII in PS3-quality graphics. It turned out to be nothing but a tease. That doesn't mean that a remake won't ever happen though, although it may not be quite what fans had expected.


Final Fantasy VI Remake coming to Mobile

Square Enix have today announced a remake of Final Fantasy VI - originally released as Final Fantasy III in the US - for mobile devices, due for release in Winter. It won't be a straight up port. The game will receive both visual changes and gameplay updates to fit with on-the-go gaming.


iOS Developer “Borrow” From Mario Kart, has $200 In-app Purchases

Fancy something a little bit Trials on the iOS app store, but not sure what you want? Maybe you search, only to come across Real Flying Racing Rider Hero from Li Huizhen. It seems familiar somehow. Why? Because they ripped their logo directly from Mario Kart.